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Trump-Clinton #2

Posted on October 9th, 2016 · American Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other

***** Trump-Clinton #2.

Tell me that Jeff Eats isn’t ready for tonight’s debate!

Sorta like watching a 90 minute B-comedy horror movie!

In no particular “eating” order…or is it disorder?






And- to cleanse the palate…


For the curious- Goobers (Walmart-$2.98), Raisinets (Walmart-$2.98), Crush Grape Soda (Walmart-$1), Jet’s Pepperoni Pizza (Jet’s Pizza-$11.47), Uncle Woody’s Butterscotch Popcorn (Home Goods-$4.99), Uncle Woody’s Himalayan Sea & Caramel Popcorn (Home Goods-$4.99), Twizzlers Black Twists (Walmart- $2.98), Lindy’s Homemade Lemon Italian Ice (Walmart- $2.43).

9 Comments to “Trump-Clinton #2”

  1. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Are you one of the old-old guys that welcome people to Walmart ?
    Never been in a Walmart Store –
    Will stop by and visit you when we come to Florida in January –

    • ksr says...

      Walmart hasn’t had Greeters for years

      Stop in sometime, you’ll find prices often 25-50% lower than supermarket and drug store prices. If you want to get ripped by Publix you’re a sucker and a fool.

      • CHARLES says...

        And You are a JERK !

        • ksr says...

          A person who voluntarily pays 25-50% more for the exact same item is the JERK!

  2. Jack Enoff says...

    That pizza looks like it should come with an angioplasty…

  3. Silly S says...

    I love Simply Lemonade. Publix gets $3.79 for a 1/2 gallon and Walmart gets $2. Now, if want to spend $1.79 more on a $2 item something is seriously wrong with you.
    If you check 25% of all groceries in America are bought from Walmart.

  4. Myron says...

    On your recommendation I bought an 8 corner at Jet’s. Found it had way too much bread.

  5. mark says...

    I will stick with Aldi and Robecks produce both cheaper than walmart and better quality.

  6. Anna Z says...

    I’ve been buying those Lindy’s lemon ices since you first mentioned them and they are terrific. Also tried the strawberry and watermelon flavors and they were just ok at best.

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