National Coffee Day

Posted on September 29th, 2016 · American Breakfast Deals Desserts Music/Events/Other

* National Coffee Day.

Today is National Coffee Day!

Jeff Eats just heard that today, nationwide- all Krispy Kreme Doughnuts’ locations are giving customers a free cup of coffee and a free glazed doughnut.


For a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts near you-

For you guys wondering “what” Starbucks is doing to celebrate National Coffee Day- its got some promotion running where certain purchases result in the planting of a certain type of tree in Mexico! Just between you guys and Jeff Eats the promotion sounds like a load of crap to me! The freaking event is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY, not NATIONAL MEXICO COFFEE DAY.

By the way, the folks over at Dunkin’ Donuts are celebrating National Coffee Day “by only charging” 66 cents (sorry, not sure what normal price is) for medium size- coffee! Like the Starbucks’ tree promotion, Dunkin’ Donuts’ “discount” sounds -like another load of crap to Jeff Eats!

Jeff Eats is just calling it like I see it!

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  1. Gary Goldberg says...

    Right on the money.
    KKD is doing right. Free coffee and donuts.
    DD is looking to make money on people.
    Starbucks isn’t giving customers crap.

    It’s National Coffee Day, not help Mexico out.

    Time to help AMERICANS OUT!

    • ksr says...

      Spot on.
      KKD is so right and the other two are so wrong.

      I can’t believe how dumb and stupid Starbucks’ promotion is. Like anyone gives a rats ass about some trees in Mexico. At least let the trees be in America.

  2. Anthony Franza says...

    Once again you prove why is the best food/entertainment blog going.
    You call things as you see them.
    Love the site

  3. TURNER says...

    At the least Starbucks and Dd should give customers free cup of coffee.

    You are right, DD and Starbucks are full of crap.

  4. Larry says...

    Next week, Oct. 3-9 all 7-11s will be serving any size, hot coffee free to anyone with their app (For you schnorrers, Limit: 1 free coffee per day.) The 7-11 app awards your 7th coffee FREE all year.

  5. SidRidesABike says...

    Good story.
    The Starbucks’ promo is absurd.

  6. Pat Costello says...

    Starbucks is a bullshit company. In effect they ran a promotion that would not benefit US Customers.

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