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Sushi & Cupcakes

Posted on September 25th, 2016 · American Boca Raton Deals Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other

* Sushi & Cupcakes.

Sushi & Cupcakes?

Jeff Eats doesn’t think so!


Now, if we’re talking Pastrami on Rye Sandwiches & Potato Knishes- that’s a whole ‘nother story!


22 Comments to “Sushi & Cupcakes”

  1. Matthew says...

    It’s sushi at 1 house, cupcakes at the other. I am not mixing them :).

    • ksr says...

      Sushi and cupcakes on a week day or for that matter any day are you serious?

      Guys like you need the Jeffs of the world who really know how to promote things.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      Sort of like a road trip. Eat the sushi and then go get dessert.
      Can I ask where the sushi is coming from? Same for the cupcakes.
      Are you going to have anything to drink with the sushi? Coffee with the cupcakes would be very nice.

    • Matthew,
      Please make sure that none of the cupcakes have peanuts in them. I’m allergic and so is my 86 year old mother who is coming with me. Just curious, but are the houses handicap accessible? My mother and her second husband who is also coming and is 89 are both in wheelchairs.

      • Matthew says...

        We have some Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcakes. My kids helped me pick them out. Maybe go to the house with the sushi?

        • Matthew says...

          And they are 2 story homes so not sure how accessible they are.

    • Matt,
      If you get the pastrami sandwiches from Zinger’s in Boca Raton and the knishes from Pita Nosh at the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach I, my wife and and at least 5 other retired couples from Century Village in Boca Raton promise to stop by both houses for a nosh. You can count us out if you stick with the original sushi and cupcakes plan as We are all watching our msg and sugar intake.
      Please let us know about the menu so if necessary we can reschedule various doctor visits etc.

    • Ron D says...

      Get Five Guys burgers, chocolate babka, fried chicken dark meat only and Sunkist Diet Orange and I’ll come. Can I bring my dog Gizmo with me?

    • Ted E says...

      Add pastrami, corned beef, brisket, assorted salads, lasagna, assorted cakes and pastries to the sushi and cupcakes menu and move the showing from the 2 homes in the Oaks to 2 homes in 7 Bridges and add the Rolling Stones for entertainment plus an open bar and you will draw a much bigger crowd than you will now get with your current plan. By the way, that contest of a golf outing, that’s like offering someone a dose of the clap.

    • KWP Harrison says...

      Do you realize that more people have commented here than all the people combined that will come to your open house? Thousands read Jeff Eats every month not to mention the exposure the site receives by being quoted on countless restaurant, venue and magazine websites.

      I’ve been reading Jeff Eats since it first appeared in 2006. What steady leaders know is that Jeff Eats sees things slightly off kilter and that’s what makes the site so popular. You do know that Jeff Eats at one time was part of the legal team that represented the Ramones, don’t you? Talk about slightly off kilter.

      Don’t believe me on the off kilter business? Then show me one other food or for that matter any other blog who made your white bread email advisement into a story about pastrami, the homeless, the aged and chocolate babka.

      In all seriousness take it from this retired 76 year old former CEO of 3 New York Stock Exchange listed companies that your advertisement won’t scare up one real looker. Sushi and cupcakes in the middle of a work week? You got to be smoking something.

      Good luck with your listings.

    • Chin Lou says...

      These houses got Chinese Drywall?

    • Mr. Biggy says...

      Can’t fault you for trying something to entice buyers. That said, cupcakes and sushi, I don’t think so! Stop for a minute and think how lame your promotion sounds.
      Now if you had some 25 year drop dead gorgeous blond girls doing lap dances while Me and my 2 buddies from work ate those Resses Peanut Butter Cupcakes that you mentioned We would definitely let you show us around the house as well as the sushi house.

  2. Pizza Wiz says...

    Sushi & Cupcakes.
    Jeff’s idea of Pastrami & Knishes is far better.

  3. ZED says...

    I’m going to bring 5 carloads of people from our Church’s homeless food bank to this. I’m thinking that these folks would love the free grub and maybe the agents will let them watch some tv while they eat.

    • Matthew says...

      Sounds good. Can each car load share 1?

  4. KLEINMAN says...

    Got the crowd going on this one.
    Love the site.

    • Anthony Franza says...


      Jeff must be pissing his pants right about now.

      Every so often he totally destroys it.

      Love it.

  5. Fritz Adams says...

    Let’ start a pool as to how many people show up tomorrow.
    $10 to get in.
    I say 0.

    • Zed says...

      I say none also.

  6. Staci says...

    Wow. Tough crowd. I love it! Are all these sticks in the mud on Twitter? Or too old? Tough to use the iPhone with pastrami fingers. Sushi at one house and cupcakes at the other was fun!

    Maybe we should do a gluten-free, peanut-free, fat-free, taste-free, first floor with a ramp, black and white cookie and chocolate babka open house next? Or just hand out halvah on the street when people drive by. Or just give the houses away for free to anyone who can answer useless Ramones trivia in the form of a question, in sign language.

    • Eddie A says...

      Betcha a buck no one showed up for the open house.

      Anyone who thinks that free sushi or free cupcakes would draw even a single soul knows nothing about marketing.

  7. Mel Allen says...

    Next time they should try Hamburgers on the BBQ and French fries.

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