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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 8/28/16- The Boys Farmers Market- Delray Beach)


***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday – 8/28/16).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


The Boys Farmers Market
14378 Military Trail
Delray Beach
(561) 496-8123
Latest Review: 7/24/16

Jeff Eats recently “discovered” Garlic Ciabatta Bread in The Boys Farmers Market’s bakery department and I gotta tell you guys- this garlic-covered bread is off the chart delicious. Jeff Eats has had 4-of the breads (2 toasted, 2 room temperature) and like I just said, delicious!

If you’re into garlic bread, garlic knots, pizza- plan on giving this garlic cheese bread a shot!




9 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 8/28/16- The Boys Farmers Market- Delray Beach)”

  1. ksr says...

    I bought one yesterday. 5 Minutes in toaster over. Amazingly delicious. Had it with baked lasagna and you couldn’t have asked for a more delicious combo.

  2. Andrea Wells says...

    Tried 1 and it was delicious. Toasted half and ate the other half right out of the package and both ways were delicious. Great buy for $1.99.

  3. King Cobra22114 says...

    On your say so bought 2.
    Toasted 1 and ate the other one right from package. Both were amazing.

  4. Debra Y says...

    While shopping today in The Boys I remembered your recommendation and bought 1 GARLIC CIABATTA BREAD and I and my husband loved it while eating meatballs and spaghetti at home this evening.
    Great recommendation,
    By the way it now goes for $ 2. 69 up from the $1.99 when you first mentioned it.

  5. Gary Goldberg says...

    Had one today. Awesome.

  6. Lt Dave says...

    Tried one and loved fed it. The Boys is a terrific store.

  7. Scooter James says...

    They make terrific chicken and meat empanadas

  8. Jalo says...

    The Boys is a great place to shop. Huge selection, great food and super reaonable prices.

  9. Carmine W says...

    Love this joint.
    Best place to shop for fruits, juices, prepared foods etc.

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