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Pepperidge Farm Garlic Texas Toast (Walmart- Delray Beach)

Posted on August 3rd, 2016 · American Delray Beach Fast Food


***** Pepperidge Farm Garlic Texas Toast.

Real simple tale to tell you guys, last night at 8pm Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats while shopping at Walmart for- lemon pepper rotisserie chicken and fresh ears of corn also purchased (for the first time) a $2.34 package of Pepperidge Farm Garlic Texas Toast. When we got home- Jeff Eats threw 4-frozen slices into the pop-up toaster and I gotta tell you that 2 minutes later- the piping hot Garlic Texas Toast was absolute dynamite!- as were the chicken and corn!


Like I said 2-seconds ago, a real simple tale to tell…

If you like garlic bread, Jeff Eats can’t even imagine- your not enjoying Pepperidge Farm Garlic Texas Toast!

You can check pepperidgefarmcom for retail outlets/info.

For you non-math majors out there, last night’s meal cost a grand total of $4.33 (chicken $2.50, 2 ears of corn $.66, 4 slices of toast $1.17)!

Posted on April 2nd, 2016
* $2.50 Walmart Lemon Pepper Rotisserie & Traditional Chickens.

Way-back on February 11, 2016 Jeff Eats told you guys about-how delicious Walmart’s Rotisserie Chickens were. That tale is reprinted down-below!

Long story short, since that tale appeared, I have literally been telling anyone and everyone who would listen about these slices of toastchickens.

Anyway, a few days ago a Walmart cashier (Linton Boulevard & Military Trail- Delray Beach store) told me that every day at 8pm the $4.99 rotisserie chickens are marked down to $2.50 a piece. When those chickens are sold, the next freshly made batch are priced at the “regular” $4.99 price. Just so you know, last night at 8:02pm Jeff Eats purchased 4- Walmart lemon paper rotisserie chickens and the cashier charged me 10 bucks- so I know the lady (cashier) spoke the truth…interestingly, nowhere in the store is this “markdown” advertised in print, this is simply a “word of mouth” situation! The one caveat to the $2.50 “tale”- Jeff Eats isnt sure if this markdown is a company-wide policy or just limited to the store I mentioned- the bet here, it’s in all-stores, but like I just said, I’m not sure!

Let’s close this one out by telling you that Walmart’s lemon pepper and tradional rotisserie chickens are dynamite!

As for the $2.50 “tip”- don’t say that Jeff Eats never gave you nothing!

Posted February 11, 2016
* Walmart’s Lemon Pepper Rotisserie & Traditional Rotisserie Chickens.

Got a real simple story to tell you guys…

For years, Jeff Eats’ very dear friend Roy has been telling me that Walmart’s Lemon Pepper Rotisserie and Traditional Rotisserie Chickens were sensationally delicious- and for years Jeff Eats has paid his very dear friend Roy no mind!- That is until yesterday at 3:46pm when Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats just happened to notice a 7 person line waiting at the deli-counter in the Walmart located on Military Road & Linton Avenue in Delray Beach for Lemon Pepper Rotisserie and Traditional Rotessire Chickens which were coming-off 2- huge rotisserie grills. To make a long story short, in the span of 4 minutes Jeff Eats counted 12 1 lb. 13 oz. $4.99 birds being “snatched up” -with two (1 Lemon, 1 Traditional) of them finding their way into Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats’ shopping cart!

Let me wrap this one up for you guys, Jeff Eats’ very dear friend Roy was absolutely right Walmart’s Lemon Pepper Rotisserie and Traditional Rotessire Chickens were sensationally delicious. For you guys “into” Costco, Publix, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods, Boston Market trust Jeff Eats when I tell you that “their” rotisserie chickens are no match for Walmart’s Lemon Pepper Rotisserie and Traditional Rotessire Chickens. Now you guys and Jeff Eats both know that “taste” is a subjective thing- what you like -I may hate and vice versa, so do what you’d like with the above Walmart Chicken Information!-and those of you with any sense of good taste can thank Jeff Eats later!

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  1. Jake Hellman says...

    Just had Walmart lemon pepper chicken with that toast for lunch. Great combo.
    Never really bought food in Walmart until I read your lemon pepper chicken story a few months ago.
    By the way, those Lindy’s Italian Ices that you recommended also at Walmart are great.

    Jake Hellman

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