Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce

Posted on July 27th, 2016 · Deals Italian


***** Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce.

Got something real good for you guys, Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce!

Real simple tale to tell, Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce is absolutely delicious! No bs-here, this “frozen” lasagna is as good- if not better than the lasagna with meat sauce served up by most of South Florida’s “mom & pop” red sauce Italian joints!

Just a word to the wise, although Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce is microwaveable- it “comes out way better” when it’s cooked-up in a plain old kitchen oven! Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, bake this lasagna (39 oz- $7.47- Walmart) for 70 minutes at 400 degrees and then broil for another 10 minutes- and you’ll have something really delicious going on! For sure “microwave” works- but it doesn’t even come close to the oven stuff!

Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce comes in different weight-packages and is available all over Florida…Publix, Walmart, Whole Foods, Albertsons, Winn Dixie, Costco.

Check for retail locations/products/info. By the way, there’s a $1-Off coupon on the site- Hey! As my late Uncle Sammy use to say, “Better in your pocket than theirs.”


5 Comments to “Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With Meat Sauce”

  1. Janet T says...

    Great call here.
    I have been serving huge trays of this lasagna for years at dinners and parties.
    You are right it is as good if not better than most of the lasagna served in local restaurants.
    Like you I bake the lasagna and then finish off the lasagna with broiling the top for a nice crunchiness.

  2. Danny Dorfman says...

    This lasagna is delicious.
    Great recommendation.

  3. Al Caplan says...

    Since all ovens’ temp. can vary must be careful with Jeff’s instructions above. Bake no more than 60 minutes and 2 minutes under broiler. Can always increase time but once out can’t put toothpaste back in the tube!

  4. frank w says...

    Tried the lasagna and the chicken parm. Both went into the garbage. Trader Joes is the way to go.

    • Zed says...

      I tried the one Jeff wrote about and it was delicious.

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