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The Dandee Donut Factory (Deerfield Beach)

Posted on July 25th, 2016 · American Breakfast Deerfield Beach Desserts Fast Food


***** The Dandee Donut Factory, 1422 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, (954) 531-1990.

Just got home from picking up 2 dozen donuts at- the recently acquired (by Pompano Beach Dandee Donut’s owners) and remodeled Dandee Donut Factory in Deerfield Beach.




Got some people coming over for breakfast in about an hour…

Simple tale to tell you guys, delicious donuts/muffins/bagels and “diner” food.

You can checkout The Dandee Donut Factory “story” at

The Dandee Donut Factory in Deerfield Beach is open 7 days a week 5am-7pm.

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, this joint’s “stuff” is off the chart dynamite! No bs- you’d be hard pressed to find better donuts and muffins anywhere in Florida!






12 Comments to “The Dandee Donut Factory (Deerfield Beach)”

  1. ksr says...

    I have been going to the Pompano Beach store for years. Terrific donuts etc.
    The Deerfield store was owned by a different owner and his donuts etc weren’t as good as Pompano’s.

    I heard back in March the Pompano owners acquired the Deerfiled store.

    Glad to see that it was remodeled etc.

    I live a lot closer to the Deerfiled store. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Dandee Donuts are incredible.
    Once you eat them you will never want to buy from DD again.

  3. John Goolbunny says...

    Dandee Donuts in Pompano is like a magnet to me. I usually go to LA Fitness off US 1 or run Deerfield Beach and go out of my way to go to the Pompano store. This is because the Deerfield Store always had donuts and muffins that seemed more of the quality of Dunkin Donuts or Publix. Jeff, thanks for the great information on the “new” location! I still believe you should have a Jeff Eats blog get together and would be glad to plan the event with you…

    • JoyceEatsBagels says...

      I love Dandee Donut in Pompano Beach.
      A few years ago I tried the Dandee Donuts in Deerfiled which had a different owner and the donuts were ok but nothing special.
      I heard that the Pompano owner now owns the Deerfiled store. Looking forward to giving it a try.

  4. Artie G says...

    Deerfield is now owned by the same folks who own Pompano.

    I tried Deerfield yesterday. Had 3 donuts. Chocolate crueller, jelly stick and an apple fritter. They were all very good but to my taste they seemed sweeter than the ones made in the Pompano store which I have been going to for years.

    Deerfield is much closer to my home than Pompano is, so I’ll be frequenting Deerfield from now on, but the donuts aren’t exactly like the Pompano store’s.

  5. Clubber Lang says...

    Pompano’s donuts are better.

  6. Norman says...

    I love their pistachio muffins.

  7. Karen W says...

    Now open 24 hours a day.

  8. Susan Robinson says...

    Their donuts are simply amazing.

  9. Harry Green says...

    Yesterday I had grill toasted pistachio muffin there and it was delicious.

  10. Mary Wilson says...

    First time at a Dandee location.
    Bought a mixed dozen and every donut was terrific.

  11. Jonathan Sabghir says...

    Dandee Donuts are the best. I have been to every location current and former in Florida: Pompano, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines in the 80s, even the short lived location on Stirling Rd. I still frequent Margate and Pompano and most frequently Deerfield Beach which is close to home. All locations are very good, and I have never found any donuts as well made, consistent and delicious—their famous Sour Cream is my all time favorite. Wife loves the Boston Cream.

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