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Brighton Beach Bagel & Bakery (Delray Beach)


* Brighton Beach Bagel & Bakery, 14587 South Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484, (561) 270-3771.

Jeff Eats just heard about Brighton Beach Bagel & Bakery which is set to open tomorrow morning at 6am in Delray Beach! In speaking with one of Brighton’s owners – the joint is a 150 seat (inside/outside patio) order at counter/deliver to table- bagel/deli restaurant, open Monday-Thursday 6am-5pm, Friday-Sunday 6am-3pm.

If Brighton proves to be as good as it “sounds” on its website- you guys and Jeff Eats will have found a real good joint to stuff our faces at!

Jeff Eats has Brighton Beach Bagel & Bakery “penciled in for a try” sometime in the next 30 days…if you guys get there before I do, let me know the skinny!











27 Comments to “Brighton Beach Bagel & Bakery (Delray Beach)”

  1. DG says...

    This place is not yet open (1 July) because of permit delay.

  2. Jerry Z says...

    Cant wait to try it. Brooklyn Water Bagels has gone down hill

    • Elaine barbash says...

      I am a Brighton. Beach girl. Graduated Lincoln high school. Can’t wAit to stop in and eat.

  3. ksr says...

    Stopped by today. Not open yet. Probably mid next week. Great looking store. Looking forward to trying it.

  4. KLEINMAN says...

    Read your story.
    Stopped by yesterday and found store not open yet. Waiting for final inspection.
    Very nice looking store.
    Will definitely try it when it opens.
    I think they will take a lot of business away from Brooklyn Bagel which is 2 minutes away.

    • Abe says...

      Send coupon , please

  5. Linda odza says...

    Hubba Hubba just like the old days in Coney Island. Good luck. Looking forward to the opening.

  6. Jeff,
    Thanks for the heads up on this one.

    My wife and I almost never go in that center.

    We will definitely give this bagel joint a shot.

  7. Linda J says...

    Tired of Brooklyn which is just north of Brighton. Really looking forward to trying the new kid on the block. Store looks great.

  8. Susan says...

    I’m from Brighton /Coney area. Looking forward to coming in!

  9. Teddy Weissman says...

    I went to Sheepshead Bay HS. Looking forward to trying this joint.

  10. Stu H says...

    I’m in Brighton Beach rite now, will c u in October

  11. Jeff,
    I graduated from Midwood HS in 1966. Spent many happy days at Brighton Beach Baths in the Summer.

    Looking forward to giving this new bagel/deli a try.

    I am a big fan of Way beyond Bagels which is about 5 minutes away.

  12. Arnie B says...

    THEY OPENED JULY 8TH (per management on phone today.) 561-961-9615

  13. KLEINMAN says...

    Just ate there. Had a pastrami on rye which was delicious. The joint is great looking. Looking forward to eating breakfast there next week and trying its bagels etc.

  14. Andrew H says...

    Just got an assortment of bagels and a tub of scallion cream cheese. I just ate the whole wheat everything.
    It’s all really good. Basically, it looks and tastes like Brooklyn Bagels did before they went downhill – but without the attitude (a good thing). Hopefully there are no big franchise ambitions with this one!

  15. Andy Gold says...

    Had lunch there yesterday. Nothing extravagant, brisket n rye with ice coffee. Brisket was just right as was the coffee. Beautiful looking store and super pleasant staff.

  16. Jay Klein says...

    For a joint just open just a couple of days amazingly organized operation. Had a toasted ET bagel with coffee and everything was just right. The bagel was very good and sorted of tasted like the ET that Way Beyond Bagels makes.

    The restaurant looks great. Only problems I see is that registers are too close to kitchen where servers come out causing a bottleneck. Also see a bottleneck in the self serve coffee area.on

    Brighton is going to eat nearby Brooklyn Water Bagel’s lunch. Better looking store, better selection, better food and service.

  17. Was there this morning. Tuna on a toasted onion bagel with coffee. Food was very good. Loved the store decor. I think that this restaurant should add dinner hours to its lineup. It would draw from 3G’s, Ruven’s, Poppies and Gramercy which are all in the area.

  18. Larry Fetterman says...

    Loved the joint.
    Should do very well.
    They should pipe 40s-50s and doo wop music to really play to the old Brooklyn theme.

  19. Elaine barbash says...

    Lived in Brighton beach …..Went to. Lncoln High school
    Also lived in Luna park….Can,t wait to eat at Bighton Bagel…..
    See you soon.

  20. Larry S says...

    Tried it yesterday. Turkey off the bone on ET. Delicious if a bit expensive at 12 bucks.Good looking decor. Slow register taking.

  21. Jeff,
    Stopped in there this morning.
    Very nice looking store.
    Simple order of toasted ET with cream cheese and coffee.
    Good bagel good coffee.
    I have been in tons of south Florida bagel joints. I liked this one and suggest that your readers give it a try.

  22. Steve Glenn says...

    Way overpriced.
    Can get better food cheaper with full service in the area.

  23. gary says...

    I see that you have yet to try Brighton Beach.

    I had breakfast there this morning for the first time and was quite impressed with the decor, service, menu and food.

    Had tuna on a sesame bagel and loved it.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think.

  24. Nancy A says...

    Went yesterday.
    Tuna on a toasted ET was delicious.
    Took home a mixed dozen, bagels taste very similar to Way Beyond’s bagels.

  25. Louie Baruch says...

    Please send coupon

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