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Burger King- Mac ‘n Cheetos

Posted on June 26th, 2016 · American Fast Food


* Burger King- Mac ‘n Cheetos.

Mark your calendars!

Tomorrow- nationwide- Burger King will introduce its new Mac ‘n Cheetos (5 deep fried mac ‘n cheese sticks coated with Cheetos’ dust) for $2.49!

Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, Mac ‘n Cheetos sounds like something I’d like to give a whirl!

For you guys not into “the early bird catches the first worm” way of doing business, Mac ‘n Cheetos is only gonna be out there for eight weeks!

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  1. John Goulbunny says...

    Jeff, do the Mac ‘n Cheetos come with a free cardiologist visit? I believe Burger King is trying to copy Taco Bell and their Dorito shell taco’s…

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