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Posted on June 9th, 2016 · Music/Events/Other

* Political Advertising.

Jeff Eats just got this email…

If this guy gets elected, is he gonna wear that hat on the bench!

Just wondering- if Blumstein who is an officer in the US Navy Reserve – was for example, a Roman Catholic Priest- do you think this advertisement would feature him posed wearing his clerical collar?

Just wondering!


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  1. gary says...

    You know the angle this guy is playing.
    I seriously doubt that if he was a priest that he would advertise the fact with a posed photo wearing his collar.
    PersonallyI think that since he is still in the Navy he should not be allowed to run an adv with the photo in uniform.

  2. ksr says...

    Not sure about the Navy, but the Army has rules against him wearing the type of getup he is in.

    Wearing uniforms is prohibited in the following situations:

    In connection with the furtherance of any political or commercial interest, or when engaged in off duty civilian employment.

    • Simon says...

      Actually, he’s just wearing a hat and a black suit. Don’t know, but would just the hat be considered a uniform?

      • Boca Bob says...

        The intention is clear that the guy was or is in the US Navy. Why else would he be wearing the hat? Wrong or right he wants his Navy background to get your vote.

        • Simon says...

          The intention is crystal clear – a blind man could see it. I was only asking with regard to the rules about usage of uniforms.

  3. Lois W says...

    Nice touch getting a conversation going about something else other than food and entertainment.

    Do you recall Bush’s Mission Accomplished” and all the flak he caught for wearing a bombardier jacket on the battleship despite his being Commander In Chief?

    This guy Blumenstein is using the Navy cap to win your vote, plain and simple.

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