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Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza (Miami)

Posted on May 29th, 2016 · Fast Food Italian Miami Pizza


***** Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza, 9118 Bird Road, Miami, Florida 33165, (305) 221-0221.

For our purposes Jeff Eats is gonna call this tale “A Public Service Announcement”…

If you guys wanna eat off the chart- delicious pizza and garlic rolls, then you gotta go to Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza in Miami!

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have been going to Frankie’s for years- and trust me when I tell you the joint’s stuff is absolute dynamite! The only draw-back to Frankie’s is that it’s in Miami and Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats live in Boca Raton…

Long story short, last night we got down to Frankie’s (which by the way, is basically a takeout joint), ate in the car (I know!- sounds very romantic!)- and if you haven’t been there, make it your business to get to Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza!


Posted November 2, 2014
***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 11/2/14).

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…

$14.00 (10 slices) $3.00(1-dozen rolls)

Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza
9118 Bird Road
(305) 221-0221
Last Reviewed: 4/7/08

Don’t plan on eating at Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza because it’s takeout only. The joint only has 2 menu items, pizza and garlic rolls. You want great stuff!-order yourself a pie and some rolls-Frankie’s must be doing something right–the joint has been around since 1955.


Posted on April 7th, 2008

***** Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza, 9118 Bird Road, Miami, Florida 33165, (305) 221-0221

Original Frankie’s which has been around since 1955, is one of the greatest pizza joints on the face of the planet! Frankie’s is ALMOST-STRICTLY TAKEOUT, with 3 small tables outside in its rear parking lot- if you “”insist” on immediately eating your pizza!

Frankie’s sells TWO ITEMS…PIZZA and GARLIC ROLLS…By the way, the garlic rolls are also incredible.

There is absolutely nothing more to tell you about this joint except that you have to try it and that it is open Tuesday-Sunday– Noon-10pm

3 Comments to “Original Frankie’s Famous Pizza (Miami)”

  1. Chowfather says...

    Love Jeff eats and respect your opinions. BUT I don’t get this place at all. Pizza Bagel (Italian Jew) born and raised in NY. Grew up on Long Island and worked on Wall Street before embarking on my legal career in Miami. Point being, I’ve had 1000000 slices of legit NY slices and countless Sicilian and Grandma pies. I recently schlepped all the way down to Frankie’s and it was an amazing BUST. Elios pizza. Frozen Cardboard crust with zero flavor. What am I missing?? I found better pizza in college in the deep south of New Orleans. Overrated and not even close. But I still love JE

    • gary says...

      Frankie’s has been in business for 60 years. I guess a whole lot of people disagree with your opinion.

  2. Chowfather says...

    Save your time and gas money and head to Lucali on South Beach. You’re welcome

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