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Einstein Bros. Bagels- Twist N’ Dip Bagel

Posted on May 5th, 2016 · American Breakfast Deals Fast Food

* Einstein Bros. Bagels- Twist N’ Dip Bagel.

Got something interesting here…

Starting (on a limited time basis-through the Summer) the national bagel chain- Einstein Bros. Bagels is introducing a new “item”- Twist N’ Dip Bagel to its menu!

The folks at Einstein Bros. Bagels just “gave” Jeff Eats a- $20 gift card- to take 2- of you guys out- to try the new Twist N’ Dip Bagel! The Twist N’ Dip Bagel is priced at $3.39 and there are 16 different shmears to choose from!

Be the 5th or 10th reader to “comment” and Jeff Eats will contact you and set up an “outing” for next week! Please, only 1- comment per reader per day! By the way, you can’t be both #5 and #10- Jeff Eats is looking for a threesome!

Just so you know, I’m not going to publish the “comments” until #5 & #10 have been received!

For you guys wondering “where”- don’t worry your pretty little heads, Einstein Bros. Bagels has loads of Florida locations- so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out a convenient location for Jeff Eats and the winners to meet-up!

You can check Einsteins’ locations/menu/info at

By the way, if you aren’t one of the winners- Einstein Bros. site- has a coupon that gets you a Twist N’ Dip Bagel- after you buy one!



1. Between now and July 31, bagel lovers everywhere have permission to play (with their food) to show off their best Twist ‘N Dip moves. Fans are invited to post a photo or video that captures how they Twist N’ Dip on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TwistNDip. Einstein Bros. will select weekly winners to receive cool prizes such as Six Flags prize packs, summer swag and even FREE bagels for a year.

2. Beginning May 5, the all new Twist N’ Dip bagel gives fans a reason to look forward to morning office meetings, an afternoon escape or even the simple joy of a shmear mustache on their kid’s face. The Twist N’ Dip bagel doesn’t just offer a new way to enjoy a bagel, it offers a FUN new way to play with your food!

3. Revolutionary perforated plain bagel easy to twist and tear into bite size pieces for dipping into two of Einstein’s 16 flavors of signature schmear.

4. For every Twist N’ Dip sold Einstein will donate a bagel to someone in need.

12 Comments to “Einstein Bros. Bagels- Twist N’ Dip Bagel”

  1. Anthony Franza says...

    Hope to win!

  2. ZED says...

    Pick me!

  3. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Can’t wait to go.

    • John Goulbunny says...

      I’ll take you! It’s my treat…Jeff, where are we all meeting?

  4. LODI says...

    LODI wants to go.

  5. KLEINMAN says...

    Sounds delicious to me.

  6. bill says...

    LLooks yummy!

  7. Gary Goldberg says...

    Can’t wait to be eating that bagel.

  8. Murray S. says...

    I used to live in Boca and tried the Einstein store on Glades Road at SR7.

    Frankly the dirtiest place I’ve been in. Besides the filthy conditions the snarling help was pretty crappy too.

    There are many other bagel shops that are significantly better and much cleaner.

  9. Tanya says...

    I love Einstein’s bagels.

  10. WCC GYM says...

    Sure would be nice to win!

  11. Mike E says...

    I love Eainstein’s bagels.

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