Expect the Unexpected With Psychic Medium Bill Philipps (Palm Beach Gardens Marriott- Palm Beach Gardens)

Posted on April 23rd, 2016 · Deals Music/Events/Other Palm Beach Gardens

* Expect the Unexpected With Psychic Medium Bill Philipps.

Jeff Eats just noticed that has discount tickets for this event!

Just wondering, if this guy Bill Philipps is supposedly as-good at what he says he does, how come he didn’t know from the beginning that his $40 tickets would be fetching 20 bucks on more than 2-months before the event’s date?

Did you ever notice that Gypsy Fortune Tellers always seem to live in the back-room of the stores where they have their reading-parlors? As they say in the legal business, I rest my case!

Anyway, if you believe in “medium stuff”…



Palm Beach Gardens Marriott (4000 RCA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410)
Saturday July 9, 2016 / 2:00pm
WILL-CALL You’ll pick up your tickets at the venue.
Expect the Unexpected With Psychic Medium Bill Philipps
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Medium Bill Philipps, known as one of the world’s youngest psychic practitioners, leads you on an exploration of life after death. Join him at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott for readings where he will reach out to deceased loves ones of audience members, relating special messages and specific details in order to prove that the soul lives on after death. Having helped countless people through their struggles with grief, Philipps has earned the respect of believers and skeptics alike. He has also released a CD to help others gain a higher level of awareness and be more open to listening to their own inner voices and intuition, and has appeared on Dr. Phil to share his talents.
* Additional fees apply. No coupon or promo codes necessary to enjoy the displayed discount price.

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