Two Rock n Roll Dream Shows!

Posted on April 13th, 2016 · Music/Events/Other

* Two Rock n Roll Dream Shows!

To All Florida Music Show Promoters:

Jeff Eats thinks that either “one” of these shows would be Standing Room Only Affairs down here in Sunny South Florida!

Not gonna name names, but enough already bringing us the same doo wop/Rock n Roll retread national acts year in and year out! For sure, we all love The Temptations and The Four Tops-but hey- Ruffin, Kendricks, Stubbs are no more…and The Turtles are fun but -how many times can you “trot out” that Happy Together Tour?

Jeff Eats will bet you guys a buck that most Floridians aged 55+ have never seen Dion or Ronnie live-in-concert! They both can still “really” sing, so let’s get busy and make these shows happen!

The way I see it, if the folks in Brooklyn, Bethel NY and elsewhere can see Dion and Ronnie- then the folks in Florida- should also be able to see them! Heck, Dion lives in Boca Raton- so you won’t even have to pay travel expenses for him!

In closing, nobody and Jeff Eats means nobody- is getting any younger here or for that matter elsewhere! Time to bring in “fresh” legendary performers before…


Jeff Eats



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