The Flowering Cherry Hedge

Posted on March 31st, 2016 · American Deals Desserts Music/Events/Other

* The Flowering Cherry Hedge.

Got this seemingly “terrific” Flowering Cherry Hedge offer via e-mail today!

Jeff Eats’ born and bred Brooklyn gut-is telling him…”Stick with Publix, don’t play Johnny Appleseed, you know stickball, you know punchball, you don’t know cherries, Stick with Publix, Stick with Publix, Stick with Publix.”

Just in case your gut is telling you something else- 1. Think about getting a new gut, 2. Check with your HOA to make sure that it allows “you” to grow cherry hedges, 3. Same as #1- Think about getting a new gut, 4.


5 Comments to “The Flowering Cherry Hedge”

  1. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –

  2. cliff says...

    I purchased the and the strawberries arrived dead and was replaced and dead again know no answer on phone do not order shipping dead plants

    • cliff says...

      my order # is 17301397 0080tv4 ouanity 1 0080tv4 quanity 1 0061tv6 set climbing strawberry plants quanity 1 total $36.85 need to make this order good with live plants

  3. Michael says...

    I ordered the buy 2 get 2 free cherry hedges 0080tv4 order number 22188520 on May 5 2017 please let me know when they will be shipped. Mike

    • Kjell Hansen says...

      Received 4 plants several weeks ago and planted them immediately, using top brand material. So far – absolutely no life. Hoaks!

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