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Spring Car Show (Festival Flea Market Mall- Pompano Beach)

Posted on March 26th, 2016 · Deals Fast Food Music/Events/Other Pompano Beach


* Spring Car Show.

Great way to kill a couple of hours…

After looking at a bunch of cars that you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about- you can wander the 400,000 square foot “mall” checking out 2,091 jewelry booths, 345 perfume booths, 287 reading glass booths, 3 foot massage booths, 9,090 cosmetic booths, 786,089 watch booths, 2,906 women’s clothing booths- while thinking to yourself “Don’t these men from Montreal know that they look like absolute schmucks wearing black socks/with sandals?


Like Jeff Eats said a a few seconds ago, a great way to kill a couple of hours!


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