Price Of A First-Class Stamp To Go Down!

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* Price of A First-Class Stamp To Go Down!

Take a look at this “Price Of A First-Class Stamp To Go Down!” article Jeff Eats just read at

Sounds good to me, but it got me to thinking- that 2 weeks ago Jeff Eats paid $1.73 99/100 for a gallon of gas and yesterday I paid $1.88 99/100 for the same gallon of gas at the same gas station…

This American economy is so rigged against “us” people- that it’s actually scary!

“Give with one hand and take with the other.”

Price Of A First-Class Stamp To Go Down!
For the first time in nearly 97 years, the price of a stamp is set to go down.
On April 10, a first-class stamp will cost 47 cents, down from its current 49-cent price.
The reduction is part of a pre-arranged agreement with Congress. The Post Office got to increase the price of stamps by 3 cents in 2014 to help it raise $4.6 billion in revenue. But the price hike was only set to last two years. (It gets to keep one cent of the increase to keep up with inflation).
The Post Office is practically begging Congress to let it keep stamps at 49 cents. It says rolling back prices to 47 cents will cost the already badly bleeding Post Office $2 billion a year.
“Removing the surcharge and reducing our prices is an irrational outcome considering the Postal Service’s precarious financial condition,” said Postmaster General Megan Brennan in a prepared statement. “Our current pricing regime is unworkable and should be replaced with a system that provides greater pricing flexibility and better reflects the economic challenges facing the Postal Service.”
Congress has pegged stamp price increases to inflation, which has barely budged over the past decade.

The Post Office is still reeling from the Great Recession, when its sales fell by $7 billion in 2009 alone. The Postal Service says that package volume is way up over the past few years, but it’s “not nearly enough to offset the decline in revenues” from first-class mail.
Standard mail, such as first-class letters and postcards, make up 76% of the Postal Service’s sales — all of which have prices capped by Congress.
Postcard stamp prices will drop by a penny to 34 cents, and international stamps will cost $1.15, down from $1.20.
There’s hardly anyone alive who remembers the last time the price of a stamp fell. That was in July 1919, when first-class stamp prices dropped from 3 cents to 2 cents.

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  1. mark says...

    We need to get off fossil fuels. Not only is it better for the environment its defunds the middle east no money no war.

  2. Shelly says...

    Jeff, so many of your readers have forgotten the basic laws of supply and demand. When the price was going down, there was an over supply, which Obama took credit for. Now that the producers have cut back drilling and the price is going back up, I guess he is hiding under his desk. We have enough oil to totally get away from the middle east suppliers but the libs, tree huggers etc fight to keep the oil companies from drill or fracking. Also there are politics to be considered. If we stop buying Saudi oil, they stop buying our treasury bonds and if that happens are we in trouble.

    • mark says...

      I can tell your a Fox new person. He did not take credit for the lower prices he mentioned that the economy was doing better and that people were saving money due to lower gas prices but then he said “I would strongly advise American consumers to continue to think about how you save money at the pump because it is good for the environment, it’s good for family pocketbooks and if you go back to old habits and suddenly gas is back at $3.50, you are going to not be real happy,” Obama told The Detroit News.

      • Shelly says...

        You are a typical liberal who spouts off without knowing anything. You have no idea of what I watch and if I did watch Fox would that make me evil. Your comment makes you just stupid. And yes, in a national speech he took credit for the lower price of gas. I heard it with my own ears on a not Fox Network. So before you comment, make sure you know all the facts.

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