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Banquet Pot Pies

Posted on February 12th, 2016 · American Fast Food

***** Banquet Pot Pies.

The other day while “shopping” in a Walmart Super Store in Delray Beach- Jeff Eats came across Banquet Pot Pies in the frozen food aisle! Next thing I knew, I had 10 of the 7oz- 84 cent suckers in my cart (4 turkey, 4 chicken, 2 sausage & gravy)…long story short, Jeff Eats tried all 3 pies- (all you gotta do is microwave for 5 minutes) and I have to tell you that I loved them!

If you check Banquet’s website it lists all of the 7oz pot pies that it makes and where you can buy them! Like I said 2- seconds ago, I got mine in Walmart and paid 84-cents a piece. A cursory look at Banquet’s website indicates that Publix and Walgreens also carry the pot pies!

For you guys now scratching your heads questioning Jeff Eats’ sanity for buying this “stuff” at Walmart-no less…all I can tell you, is – don’t knock them until you’ve at least tried them for yourself!

One note of caution, Jeff Eats also tried Banquet’s 8-cheeseburger sliders (Walmart-$2.49) and the freaking things tasted like absolute crap!


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