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Burger King Adds Hot Dogs To Its Menu

Posted on February 11th, 2016 · American Fast Food


* Burger King Adds Hot Dogs To Its Menu.

Just in case you missed yesterday’s news, Burger King announced that starting February 23, 2016 all of its US restaurants will be offering a $1.99 100% All Beef Flamed Broiled (Oscar Mayer brand) Hot Dog and a $2.29 100% All Beef Flamed Broiled (Oscar Mayer brand) Chili-Cheese Hot Dog.

Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, we’ll have to wait and “taste” the dogs before passing judgment on the new menu items. All I know is that when I’m thinking “hot dogs” the name Oscar Mayer never really enters my equation…but like I just said, we’ll have to taste the dogs before passing judgment. Two other quick thoughts, at least Burger King had the good sense to broiled the dogs and not boil them – and starting February 23, 2016 unless something goes very wrong, Burger King will instantly become the largest retailer of cooked hot dogs in the United States.

Jeff Eats will update this “tale” (pun intended) after I down some of the dogs!

3 Comments to “Burger King Adds Hot Dogs To Its Menu”

  1. frankW says...

    Even the bun looks bad.

  2. ms says...

    I haven’t been to Jeff Eats in a while. After reading the fine comments by south Florida’s best … I know why I stopped coming here.

  3. frankW says...

    Had the chilie cheese dogs last night. Much to my surprise my wife and I both liked them.

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