The Mersey Beatles (Delray Beach, Miramar, Fort Myers, Gainesville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Panama City, Tallahassee)

Posted on February 5th, 2016 · Delray Beach Jacksonville Music/Events/Other Tampa


* The Mersey Beatles.

Jeff Eats is hearing that The Mersey Beatles are amazingly good!

For our purposes, The Mersey Beatles’ USA Tour 2016- has 8 Florida dates…Delray Beach, Miramar, Fort Myers, Gainsville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Panama City. Tallahassee.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are gonna try and catch the Wednesday, February 17th (7:30pm) Crest Theatre (Delray Beach) show! While I’m on the “subject” of theaters (or is it theatres?)- Crest Theatre, terrific sound/lighting and every seat works!

Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, The Mersey Beatles’ Liverpudlian accents (as per the band’s audio/video at add an authenticity to the “act” that most Beatles’ tribute bands sorely lack! As a point of reference, a number of years ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats saw The Pete Best Band (for you guys who don’t know-Pete was the drummer who Ringo replaced) and the band made-up of Liverpool born players- had a very authentic Beatles’ “sound” as well!

Final thoughts, looking at The Mersey Bealtes’ picture…Jeff Eats is kinda thinking that it’s real easy to figure out who plays John, Paul, George and Ringo!- and it could really be cool meeting and chatting with John’s sister, Julia Baird!

For tickets/info-


Meet JOHN LENNON’S SISTER Julia Baird and The Mersey Beatles, not your ordinary Beatles tribute band! This ALL LIVERPOOL BORN Beatles tribute band was formerly the resident band for a decade at the world famous CAVERN CLUB, where the Beatles got their start.
They have played 20 countries, selling out shows worldwide….but never on U.S. soil! It’s been 50 years since the Beatles’ U.S. Invasion – and now 4 new lads from Liverpool are making their U.S. Debut!

John Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, will be in attendance and signing copies of her book “Imagine This: Growing Up with My Brother John Lennon” at the general merchandise table before, during, and after the show. Don’t miss the chance to meet this wonderful philanthropist, author, teacher, Cavern Club Director and John Lennon’s sister!

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  1. gary says...

    Jeff, took this off the band’s site and they sound incredible. My wife and I are going to the Delray show.

    Like the original Fab Four, The Mersey Beatles were all born in Liverpool. Since 1999 they have been recreating the sights and sound of the Beatles with a very authentic & distinctly Liverpool flavoured tribute.

    John Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, said of the band,

    The Mersey Beatles are the most authentic
    I’ve heard…& I’ve heard them all.
    The Mersey Beatles are childhood friends who grew up in Liverpool. They had a record collection in common. The Beatles records were always sitting on the very top of that pile…& they still are to this day. Steven Howard, Mark Bloor & Brian Ambrose attended secondary school together in the city. David Howard and Steven Howard are cousins. Tony Cook, another friend from Liverpool, is the 5th Mersey Beatle. His keyboard skills make the hits of the later years come to life. The Mersey Beatles love of Beatles music shines through in every performance & together they capture the Beatles sound 100% live.

    According to The British Beatles Fan Club,

    The Mersey Beatles are the best Beatles tribute band around.
    The Mersey Beatles were the resident Beatles tribute band at The Cavern Club in Liverpool for 10 years from 2002-2012. Having made a 12 month return in 2014 the boys have had to leave their residency at the worlds most famous club once again to tour the world in 2016. However, there are a few homecoming shows planned for their Liverpool following including two shows in May 2016 at The Epstein Theatre in their home city.

    It won’t surprise you to read that the boys became the first Beatles tribute band to have played at the Cavern more times than THE Beatles. The original fab four clocked up 292 performances there.

    When asked about The Mersey Beatles performances at The Cavern Joe Flannery, Brian Epstein’s assistant said,

    When I saw them play in The Cavern, they perfectly recreated the atmosphere that the original Beatles produced. It was like listening to The Beatles again.
    Former booking manager for The Cavern Club, Steve Panter, added,

    The Mersey Beatles do all the same kind of banter and crowd involvement, but it’s not rehearsed or fake, that’s just how they are. If The Beatles were still going today, they’d be exactly like The Mersey Beatles.
    The Mersey Beatles are the headline act at shows and festivals around the world including: America, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Norway and all over the UK.

    The boys are still the band of choice at such Liverpool attractions as The Beatles Story Museum and The Hard Days Night Hotel. They are also the only Beatles band recommended by the Penny Lane Development trust.

    They are the only born, bred & based Liverpool Beatles tribute. Find out for yourself why film producer, Julia Stanndard says,

    The Mersey Beatles are the next best thing to the original Beatles.
    Check out our Tour Dates page to get your ticket to ride at a Mersey Beatles show or book the band for your private event.

  2. Anthony Franza says...

    From the left, John, Ringo, George and Paul.

    John and Paul look close, George not so much and Ringo not even close.

    I checked out the band’s site and they sound very good.

  3. TURNER says...

    George on the left and Paul on the right.

    Your thoughts on their Liverpool accents makes a whole lot of sense.
    Personally, I think that Lennon was the heart and soul of The Beatles. No John, no Beatles. Based on the age of the band members it didn’t make sense to me as to the claim as to how long they were The Cavern’s house band as they look way too young to have been around since 1999.

    Definitely going to go see this show.

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