This Is What’s Wrong With America!

Posted on December 28th, 2015 · American Music/Events/Other

* This Is What’s Wrong With America!

Jeff Eats just got the below “banner” email…

The guy ran for the Florida State Senate- won!
The guy ran for Florida Education Commissioner- won!
The guy ran for Florida Attorney General- won!
The guy ran for the U.S. Senate- lost!
The guy ran for Governor- won!
The guy ran for the U.S. Senate- lost!
The guy ran for Governor- lost!

Now he wants to be a Member of Congress!

This is the perfect example of a Professional Politician…these guys are always looking for the Public to give them a job! They’re like nose hairs, just when a person thinks he/she has gotten rid of them, “they” reappear! Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, Crist has gone from the top of the heap, running for Governor/Senator all the way down to being a wannabe Congressman- kinda desperate, I’d say!

Just to prove Jeff Eats isn’t- politically biased on the issue…

Nixon ran for Congress- won!
Nixon ran for U.S. Senate- won!
Nixon ran for Vice President- won! Actually Eisenhower won!
Nixon ran for President-lost!
Nixon ran for Governor of California- lost!
Nixon ran for President-won!- and we all remember how that one worked out!

One final thought on Mr. Crist, from what Jeff Eats has heard, Mr. Crist took the Florida Bar Exam three times before finally passing! Trust Jeff Eats-a member of the New York, New Jersey and Florida Bars- the exam ain’t all that hard!


12 Comments to “This Is What’s Wrong With America!”

  1. Greg H says...

    Crist also changed parties to try and get an edge. You are so right.

  2. LODI says...

    Governor, Senator, Congressman is a major step down. The guy is desperate.

  3. Anthony Franza says...

    Crist is a perfect example of why Trump is doing so well in the polls despite the fact that he is a complete moron. People are tired of the same old politicians who really don’t do a damn thing other than get paid by us.

  4. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Jeff, nice job getting people to talk.

  5. John Gotti III says...

    McGovern carried 1 state Mass. Yet Nixon in 1972 figured that he should have the Watergate burglary. One a freaking Dumas fool. You folks remember Checkers Scandal? Nixon was a 2 bit crook.

  6. Tom Lynch says...

    Crist is a career politician. Their whole life is being fed by the public.
    Biden was a Senator and VP. Never held a real job. Never had to make payroll. Never had to put anything together from scratch. The whole bunch of these guys are bullshit artists. They have no idea what life is really about. Teddy Kennedy was another bs guy. His whole life was in the Senate.

  7. mark says...

    Charlie spent 10 years with his Brother in law running a law firm. I think being a lawyer is not being fed by the public but I might be wrong

    • SELTZER says...

      If Crist had to take the bar 3x before he passed I guarantee you he isn’t too bright. Ive been in practice 40 years and maybe 2x, but 3x is almost unheard of, except JFK jr needed 4x to pass and we know that the genius then crashed and died in his plane in a storm when no one else would have ever tried to fly in. Another genius.

    • skippy james says...

      explain to me how Harry Reid enters the senate not a millionaire and leaves a multi millionaire.
      CROOK! that’s how.

    • SidRidesABike says...

      Crist is nothing more than a professional politician. I voted for him over Scott, but I know exactly what the man is, a professional politician. There is absolutely no reason why Crist who was Governor should be trying to grab a lowly congressional seat other than he was another easy paycheck. I’d laugh my ass off if he lost that election.

  8. Mal V says...

    Look at the state of Congress and the Presidency and you can appreciate that the lowest get elected. Real smart people don’t go near this crap.

  9. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Looking at polls most of America agrees with you. Americans hate professional politicians and that’s exactly what old Charlie is.

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