Royal Family?

Posted on December 28th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other

* Royal Family?

Jeff Eats has asked this question before…Why Do We Care What These People Do?

Didn’t we fight a war in the 1700s to get away from these cats?

King, Queen, Duke, Prince, Duchess – give me a freaking break!

If you have an answer to: Why Do We Care What These People Do? I’d love to hear it!


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  1. ksr says...

    Most Americans are fools.

  2. TURNER says...

    All losers,

    This is a list of current members of the Royal Family:
    HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (The monarch and her husband) TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall[7] (The Queen’s son and daughter-in-law) TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (The Queen’s grandson and granddaughter-in-law) HRH Prince George of Cambridge (The Queen’s great-grandson)
    HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (The Queen’s great-granddaughter)

    HRH Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry) (The Queen’s grandson)

    HRH The Duke of York (The Queen’s son) HRH Princess Beatrice of York (The Queen’s granddaughter)
    HRH Princess Eugenie of York (The Queen’s granddaughter)

    TRH The Earl and Countess of Wessex (The Queen’s son and daughter-in-law)
    The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor (The Queen’s granddaughter)
    James Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount Severn (The Queen’s grandson)
    HRH The Princess Royal (The Queen’s daughter)

    TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (The Queen’s cousin and cousin-in-law)
    TRH The Duke and Duchess of Kent (The Queen’s cousin and cousin-in-law)
    TRH Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (The Queen’s cousin and cousin-in-law)
    HRH Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy (The Queen’s cousin)

  3. Deliman says...

    I got go with many Americans are fools.

  4. lo lo says...

    These folks are an older version of the Kennedy Family. A bunch of misfits who only through birth became famous. Your basic imbeciles playing big shots. Remember Teddy Kennedy the murdering bastard? Or how about all of the drunken and drug addict Kennedy Kids? Or the old man who was a bootlegger and Antisemite who backed the Nazis until they and the Japs started WWIi? The Royals are the same crap. Fools who got high positions for no reason ther than birth.

    • Mal V says...

      The kid in blue maybe the future King got a Hitler haircut already.

  5. Anthony Franza says...

    The whole bunch of them would be speaking German if it wasn’t for the USA? Some King?

  6. Whack-a-mole says...

    I got a better question for you.

    The Kardashians — why do we care what these people do?

    Where’s your outrage over them?

    • Anthony Franza says...

      I could care less what these people do. that said they made gold out of nothing. Unlike the Royals who were just born into it, like John, Bobby and Teddy.

  7. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Good job getting readers to talk.

  8. Larry Fine says...

    The Royals were pro Nazi before the war. Check your history books.

  9. Johnny Stiletto says...

    If you ask me, The whole bunch of them look a bit slow to me.

  10. The Queen looks like my Mother In Law.

  11. Shelly says...

    Ge whiz, I’d like to wear a jacket and sash on Halloween

  12. Julie D says...

    This whole Royal family thing is about as dumb as it gets. These are just a bunch of clowns who were born into the right family. One thing that I do know is that in 1937 The Royals were pals with Hitler and the rest of his Nazi cronies. If you do some research you will find that I’m not making this Nazi crap up. For Americans to give 2 craps about these clowns is absurd.

  13. Mike Diamond says...

    The dopey looking hats say it all.

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