Zinger’s Delicatessen (Boca Raton)

Posted on December 12th, 2015 · American Boca Raton Breakfast Delicatessen


***** Zinger’s Delicatessen, 7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 826-7323.

No more than 34 minutes ago- at the intersection of Yamato Road and Lyons Road in Boca Raton-Jeff Eats saw a gigantic tractor trailer unloading a load of cars-with New York and New Jersey license plates. To save the owners of those cars- the time and effort of writing Jeff Eats, I am reprinting “Pastrami, Corned Beef, Brisket- My Man!”- which appeared on November 17, 2014.

Now, just between you guys and Jeff Eats, we all know that “food reviewing” is nothing but one huge game! What I like you may hate and vice versa! So with that in mind, I’m gonna tell you, that Jeff Eats considers Zinger’s Delicatessen in Boca Raton to be the best full service NY Kosher Style Deli in-South Florida! For sure, I haven’t been to “every” deli or bagel joint down here- but trust me, I’ve fressed in my fair share-and “I” haven’t found “one” that’s better or as consistent as Zinger’s is! Just so we are straight with each other, Jeff Eats has eaten in a number of other really good South Florida- NY Kosher Style Delis/kosher delis/and bagel joints but if I had to pick just one-to provide food for Jeff Eats’-“Death Row Deli Last Meal” it would be Zinger’s. Now, if for some reason Zinger’s doesn’t work for you (i.e. too far away, too cheap, too expensive, Jeff Eats knows-dick about pastrami/corned beef/brisket), etc.), I got a ton of “stories” on other joints- so nobody here is gonna starve!


Posted November 17, 2014
***** Pastrami, Corned Beef, Brisket- My Man!

A recent e-mail,

Maybe you can help me out here.
I’m new to the area (Delray Beach).
I’m looking for a place to get great corned beef, pastrami, brisket sandwiches like they serve at Katz’s in NYC. Not interest in the Natioanl Deli garbage that Too Jays and bagel joints serve up.
Would really appreciate some recommendations.

First, welcome to South Florida.

If you check JEFF EATS-up at the top there is a SEARCH BOX…type in PASTRAMI, or CORNED BEEF, or BRISKET- (you may also want to throw in DELI-for good measure) and it will pull-up for you all of the “columns” that relate to pastrami, corned beef, brisket. If memory and my waistline serve me correctly, you’ll find a load of joints that make some pretty decent stuff.

Just so you know, Jeff Eats’ style isn’t to be in the pecking order business. What I might like, you might not like, so forth and so on! With that in mind, IF I had to pick ONE JOINT-near you- to feed my face with Pastrami, Corned Beef and Brisket it would be ZINGER’S DELICATESSEN in Boca Raton…now, if Zinger’s doesn’t work for you- don’t worry, there are a load of other joints that will fix-you up just fine!

By the way, based on your e-mail, I’m thinking that you’ll soon be “writing” Jeff Eats about good-Chinese joints. So, save the ink…use the same SEARCH BOX for my “picks”-you know, sweet & sour pork, egg rolls, pan fried dumplings, so on and so forth…

Hope this helps you out.

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  1. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Zingers is always best –
    We arrive on December 29th and will be at Zingers for dinner that night –
    Next night Matteo’s –
    Can’t wait !

  2. LODI says...

    Right on the money call Zinger’s is far and away the best deli in South Florida. It looks, tastes and smells just like a NY Kosher/Kosher Style Deli is suppose to. This joint could compete with the best in NYC.

  3. TURNER says...

    Zinger’s is terrific.
    I also like your Big Apple and Pomperdale picks. They are also excellent.
    Just wanted to mention that there maybe a toss up here and there but Zinger’s pastrami has everyone else beat. Same goes for its French fries.

  4. lo lo says...

    Get Zinger’s pastrami on rye with a schmear of chopped liver and a potato knish and a Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda and you’ll be good to go.

  5. Jeff,
    Nice story on Zinger’s.
    We live in Fort Lauderdale on the ocean. Zinger’s is a big drive for us.
    What’s a good one closer to us?
    Thank You,
    The Rosen Family

  6. JeffEats says...

    The Rosen Family:

    Checkout the Pomperdale New York Style Deli on Commercial Boulevard. The joint’s food like Zinger’s is terrific. Just so you know, the Pomperdale is an order/pickup up at the counter breakfast/lunch “situation”- and you may find yourself sharing a table with other customers.

    Thanks for reading…

    Posted November 26,2014
    ***** Pomperdale New York Style Deli, 3055 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308, (954) 771-9830.

    A recent e-mail from Allison…

    My husband and I recently (May) moved to Fort Lauderdale. Both of us come out of your old stumping grounds, Brooklyn, New York. We are both in our late 60s. We did make a 23 year stop in Westbury before permanently moving here. We found Jeff Eats purely by accident while searching for various restaurants on the internet. Your reviews pop up all over the place that we couldn’t resist seeing what you had to say. By the way a number of restaurants use your reviews on their websites. Of the five restaurants that we have tried so far, we found that your taste and ours are pretty similar. The ones we thought were perfect were Franco & Vinny’s, Villa Rose, La Veranda and Rainbow Palace. We didn’t think too much of Burger & Suds. Got a request, what’s a really good NYC kosher style deli in the East Fort Lauderdale area? We’ve eaten in a number of bagel joints but we are really looking for terrific food not bagel store level quality. I know that you can appreciate what I’m looking for here.


    Checkout Jeff Eats’–6/18/08 Pomperdale New York Style Deli story reprinted below.

    The Pomperdale New York Style Deli has been around since 1969…I’m thinking- that you and the Mister will really enjoy this order-at-the-counter joint.

    Thanks for reading…

    ***** Pomperdale New York Style Deli, 3055 East Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308, (954) 771-9830.

    The Pomperdale Deli has been in business for nearly 40 years. I found this joint about 16 years ago and have probably eaten lunch there ar least 50 times.

    If you like good…no make that great deli and appetizing…then this joint is for you. No waiters…order at the counter…No checks, just tell the guy at the register what you had.

    This is probably the best “kosher style” deli in South Florida. As a matter of fact, it may very well be the best deli in Florida. The food is absolutely terrific. This joint is open 7 days a week…Monday-Saturday 6am-5pm and Sunday 6am-3pm.

    Don’t miss this joint…it is a one of a kind.

    • Max Bernstein says...

      You are right Zinger’s is a terrific deli. Pomperdale which has been around since 1969 is also terrific. Pomperdale is as you point out, basically a fast food breakfast/lunch/no dinner/no waiter joint.You order and pickup at the counter. Years ago I use to run from Delray Beach to the Pomperdale to eat but when Zinger’s opened a few years ago I stopped making the ride and now eat at Zinger’s which is a full service restaurant. Between us it’s a toss up as to whose food is better. That said you can’t go wrong eating at either joint.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      Pomperdale was better when Larry Vogel owned it. The new owner runs a good ship but the food isn’t quite as good and the prices were bumped up quite a bit.

  7. robertw says...

    ZIngers is pretty good. Pastrami tends to be pretty lean most of the time. I usually take out and the service it good. They also have a frequent diner card so you ca save some $$$. The bread is very good and that matters. The matzoh ball soup also great. They dont add salt, you can add some to it. I give them props. Management seems hands on and that also matters.

  8. Louis Einhorn says...

    Terrific pastrami on rye.

  9. Last night my wife and I ate at Zinger’s with another couple. We heard about Zinger’s here at Jeff Eats. We just moved (3 months ago) from Pittsburgh to Boca Raton. The food was fabulous. From the matzo ball soup, chopped liver, turkey on rye, potato knish, pastrami on club, brisket on rye and French fries everything was delicious. We will definitely be back and look forward to trying many more of Jeff Eats’ picks.

  10. Scott says...

    The service, rye bread, and Coney Island Knish are terriffic. The Pastrami is extra lean and extra dry, if that’s how you like it..I do not.

  11. Freddy D says...

    Best pastrami, corned beef and brisket I’ve had in the 20 years living in Florida. Formerly from Bayside. First time this pm at Zinger’s.

  12. David Diamond says...

    I found the pastrami sandwiches to be on the skimpy side. The ff were very good.

  13. Allan C says...

    Loved the Pastrami, French fries and Kreplach soup.

  14. Alice Rosenberg says...

    Ive been a customer for years and Zinger’s food is absolutely awesome.

  15. Definitely the best NY Kosher Style Deli in Florida.

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