The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour (Coral Springs Center for the Arts- Coral Springs)

Posted on December 3rd, 2015 · Coral Springs Music/Events/Other

* This article first appeared on August 17, 2015. Trust Jeff Eats, I know funny- and this guy Sarge is FUNNY! Sarge has been working South Florida for years- and seemingly every show that he does is a SRO affair! The way I figure it- Sarge knows exactly “what” his audience wants to hear- and delivers! If you haven’t yet-seen him GO!- I am telling you, you will laugh your ass off! Sarge is a real-busy guy, so check for his full schedule which includes The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour and his “regular” standup show…

Posted August 17, 2015
* The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour.

Tickets just went on sale!

Go see Sarge, a very funny clean comedian!


The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour.
Event Date: Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 8:00 pm

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By the way, if Coral Spring Center’s date doesn’t work for you, Sarge has a whole bunch of other- South Florida dates/venues for both his Chanukah and standup shows!

You can check for schedule/info.

Like Jeff Eats said a few seconds ago, a very funny clean comic!

10 Comments to “The Sarge Chanukah Chutzpah Tour (Coral Springs Center for the Arts- Coral Springs)”

  1. Anne D says...

    If you folks haven’t seen Sarge, go see him. One of the hardest working and funniest comedians out there. My husband and I have seen him twice and he is extremely entertaining.
    Reading Jeff Eats I see that Sarge is going to be at the new Boca Black Box. We are going to buy tickets for that show and see Sarge and checkout the new facility all on the same day.

  2. Jeff,
    We saw Sarge a number of years ago at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton. He must have been on for over 2 hours and had the audience laughing and crying the whole way. Since that show WCC has other comedians some good and some not so good, but everyone remembers what a great show Sarge put on. To your readers, if you haven’t seen him, get tickets and go. He is a very funny man.

  3. BWE says...

    I have seen Sarge twice.
    He puts on a great show.

  4. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Saw him earlier this year –
    Very funny and talented –

  5. Jeff,
    Over the years I’ve seen Sarge 3x. He is a very funny guy.
    I highly recommend that people go see him.

  6. Helene Gold says...

    I have seen Sarge twice.
    Very funny and he puts on a great show.
    If you haven’t seen him yet, you should definitely make plans to see him.
    He is local so he has plenty of dates in our area.

  7. KLEINMAN says...

    The man is hilarious.
    Don’t miss him.

  8. jessejames says...


    I have seen him 3 times and he just cracks me up. He works like a dog on that stage and has the audience in the palm of his hand.

  9. Stupid Ass Nesbitt says...

    I love Sarge. I have seen him and he is very funny. Go see him.

  10. Gary Goldberg says...

    Just bought two tickets on Gold Star.

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