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Bamboo Wok (Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek)

Posted on December 2nd, 2015 · Boca Raton Boynton Beach Chinese Coconut Creek Fast Food

***** Bamboo Wok, 9181 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida (561) 218-6003…12040 South Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida (561) 742-0123…4660 West Hillsboro Boulevard, Coconut Creek, Florida (954) 427-1888.

This morning at the intersection of Jog Road and Lake Ida Road in Boynton Beach, Jeff Eats saw a humongous tractor-trailer unloading a ton of cars with New York and New Jersey license plates. To save those “car owners” the time and effort of writing to Jeff Eats…printed down below is Jeff Eats’ July 6, 2008 “review” of Bamboo Wok!


Posted July 6, 2008
***** Bamboo Wok, 9181 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida (561) 218-6003…12040 South Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida (561) 742-0123…4660 West Hillsboro Boulevard, Coconut Creek, Florida (954) 427-1888.

Bamboo Wok currently has 3 South Florida locations…Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek.

Bamboo Wok is a take-out-only joint.

Bamboo Wok’s food is excellent. The food is as good as your favorite South Florida Chinese take-out…in fact, Bamboo Wok’s food could compete quite nicely with most of NYC’s Chinese eat-in/take-out joints. A few of my favorite dishes are…boneless bbq spare ribs, pan fried dumplings, moo shu pork, beef with mixed vegetables. Trust me on this, if a Bamboo Wok is in your neighborhood, after you order food the first time, you will make this your regular take-out Chinese joint.

Check out Bamboo Wok’s website for menu/pricing details. Bamboo Wok is open 7-days a week.

18 Comments to “Bamboo Wok (Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek)”

  1. Joel Katz says...

    I use the Boynton Beach store. The food is terrific. The portions huge. They make one of the best General Tso’s chicken that I have ver eaten. I also love their mu shu pork.

  2. Steve Jamerson says...

    Bamboo Wok was my favorite Chinese place but recently they had a really bad inspection and a stop sell. I have heard stories about how clean the place was and I am going to put this place on the back burner and try some other places I heard good things about.

    • Tanya says...

      Nonsense. Best Chinese food in south Florida.

    • SidRidesABike says...

      So don’t eat there.
      I love this place. The food is tremendous.

  3. Anthony Franza says...

    I have been getting food from Bamboo Wok both in Boca and Boynton and the food is outstanding. Best around.

  4. Sandy Greenberg says...

    Food at Coconut Creek store was very good.. Loved the pork fried rice, egg rolls, fried dumplings, General Tso’s chicken and pepper steak. Definitely one of the best takeouts in the area.

  5. Artie Cantor says...

    Went to Bamboo Wok in Boca last night at 6:30 pm. There was a line out the door with a 45 minute wait to get an order. Didn’t stick around but Jeff Eats must be right on this one because Christmas or no Christmas takeout lines like this are very uncommon. Will try this place when less people are around visiting.

  6. Jenny's House says...

    Boca store always busy.
    Delicious food. Huge portions. Good prices.

  7. Robin D says...

    Best Chinese takeout in Boca Raton.

  8. Lenny G says...

    They have delicious egg rolls and pork fried dumplings. They also make a very good General Tso’s Chicken.

  9. Marty Hurvich says...

    My wife and I recently came across your site and love it. We recently moved from Brooklyn and are still getting our feet wet concerning where to eat and not eat. We tried Bamboo Wok in Boca this evening ordering egg drop soup, boneless ribs, roast pork fried rice, egg rolls, General Tso’s chicken and roast pork lo mein and loved the food, prices and the huge portions. Terrific recommendation and it’s now our Chinese takeout joint.

  10. Harry 6565 says...

    They make delicious pan fried pork dumplings and egg rolls.

  11. Bobby Gimbel says...

    Tried for the first time last night.
    Egg rolls, wonton soup, fair.
    Spare ribs were good.
    Moo shoo pork very good.

  12. Gino S says...

    Best takeout in Boca.

  13. Carl G says...

    I have been taking out from the Boca location for years. The food is always good. The portions are enormous and the prices are super reasonable.

  14. Jeisen says...

    Had Boca’s egg rolls and they were lousy. Small, Thin, Dry and Tasteless.

  15. Jim K says...

    Their (Boca Raton location) food use to be terrific.
    In recent months it’s become lousy.

    Can’t explain why but it has.

  16. Joe D says...

    Just average food.
    BW use to be terrific, but in past year it has really been slipping.
    Terrible egg rolls and fried dumplings just for starters.

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