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What Was Yours Called?

Posted on November 13th, 2015 · American Desserts Fast Food Music/Events/Other

This article first appeared on April 26, 2014. Just thought I’d trot it out again- to see if just maybe- it could stir-up some more old fond memories!

Posted April 26, 2014
* What Was Yours Called?


18 Comments to “What Was Yours Called?”

  1. joeyjoey says...


  2. ZED says...


  3. Anthony Franza. says...

    I went to school at PS 139 in Brooklyn graduating 6th grade in 1962. The candy store right across the street from the school was named Joe’s. Not sure if when I went there Joe was still the owner but it was always called Joe’s.

  4. Mike K. says...

    In my Bronx neighborhood there were 2 candy stores directly across the street from one another. We are talking 1950s-1960s. One was named Vinny’s and the other was Carl’s. For some reason most of the kids liked Carl’s better but my mother and her girlfriends use to eat tuna etc at Vinny’s. maybe cral’s had better penny candy but not sure on that.

  5. Hal Kramer says...

    Dom’s Candy Store.
    Long gone.

  6. Kitty’s.

  7. Lenny Biden says...

    Kew Gardens.

  8. Noodles Lippman says...

    It was good growing up in Brooklyn in the 50s we use to hang out at Stan’s in Canarsie.

  9. Mike says...

    Personal to Gino B/Bayside: Was that Old Bayside or New Bayside?
    Ours was unnamed but run by a feisty gal named Selma and her husband. The grandmother worked there too; can still see her flabby arms waving as she hand-scooped ice cream.
    Went to school with the son. We’d collate copies of the Sunday Daily News each Saturday. Our pay was $1+ a tuna on toast, fries and a lime Rickey.
    It was on Horace Harding, near Lamston’s (which also had a lunch counter).
    Anyone remember it?

    • HerbK says...

      Mike, in 1971, when I was all of 23, I opened Feathers Boutique, which was across the driveway from that luncheonette but I preferred the luncheonette on the other side of Springfield blvd. I think the owners of that one were called Lefyty and Louie

  10. Jon G says...

    Harry’s in Hewlett

  11. Mal Denny says...

    Carl’s in a Brooklyn
    Joey D’s in White Plains.

  12. Shelly H says...

    Stanley’s in Rego Park

  13. Alan W. says...

    Here’ one for you.
    I lived on Beverly Road and East 2nd Street.
    I went to PS 179.
    I believe that you also went there.
    I am 3 years younger than you so our paths never really crossed.
    I remember that there were 3 candy stores all within walking distance of the school.
    Larry’s, Freddy’s and Vinny’s.
    I use to love Freddy’s as he had many more penny candies than the other two did,
    I also remember that his wife and her sister use to have a little kitchen in the back and use to serve food to the kids for lunch.

  14. Rosemary Schaumloffel says...

    Leo’s located on the Grand Concourse and Field Place in the Bronx. When I was still in high school I worked as a soda jerk there in the early 50’s

    • Shelly says...

      Rosemary, along the Concourse we were never soda jerks, we were “Sweetwater Chemists”

  15. ARW says...

    I grew up in Brooklyn in the 50s and 60s.
    There was Jerry’s on one corner and a Freddy’s across the street. Freddy’s was my store as he had a better penny candy selection.

  16. Ruth G says...

    1970s Bx ours was named Louie’s

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