Self Made Man -vs- Silver Spoon Baby

Posted on October 27th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other

* Self Made Man -vs- Silver Spoon Baby.


But, you guys already knew that!

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  1. Trump’s father Fred backed the boy with millions of dollars. Trump unlike Carson who made it all on his own, is just a lucky sperm story, nothing more.

  2. TURNER says...

    Just ask Trump Casino’s bondholders and stockholders what they think of DONALD. he wiped them out, that’s what they think! The man is nothing more than a BT Barnum who had a very wealthy father.

  3. Jody Lane says...

    I owned TRUMP bonds and stock and got wiped out. This guy couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you or me.

  4. jessejames says...

    If your father gave you millions of dollars, and a trust fund you’d be like Trump.
    This guy couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag on his own.

  5. My husband’s hairstyle is very similar to Donald Trump’s. I love the look.

  6. Elio says...

    And “how” do you really “think” drowsy “Carson” will do against Hill in a debate??? Seriously, people “think” about “that”. ???

    Just give it to her already if you are “”for”” him.

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