* Hard Rock Live—Tickets For Less Than Face *

Posted on October 21st, 2015 · Deals Hollywood Music/Events/Other

This article originally appeared on June 4, 2013. Read the tale- trust Jeff Eats, what I described actually works! Jeff Eats kinda thinks it might come in handy- for you “new” guys to Sunny South Florida!


* Hard Rock Live—Tickets For Less Than Face *

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats “thinks” that some-actually most of the shows at the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood are waaaay tooo expensive. Now, you’re a smart bunch of guys, so you know exactly what I’m talking about—this Tickemaster and its fees etc.—absolutely absurd!


You guys do know, that the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino usually offers its “good” players 2-free tickets to the concerts at its Hard Rock Live…all the player has to do- is show-up starting at 3pm the day of the concert/show at the box-office/player’s club office with his/her player’s card and license and the player is handed 2 FREE TICKETS.


You could become one of those “good” players and recieve your 2 free tickets the day of the show—or…

You could wait outside the box-office/player’s club office starting at 3pm and probably buy the tickets at a huge discount for cash from the “good” players who just-picked-up- free-tickets at the boxoffice/player’s club office and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about going to the show/concert. These players-want cash not tickets…and you got the cash–so as Monty Hall use to say—“Let’s Make A Deal”–or as animal rights advocate Bob Barker use to say—“The price is right”…or was it, “Come on down”…anyway, I’m sure you caught my drift.

So…as Jeff Eats sees it—you now know about a way to get tickets for less than face-value.

For what it’s worth…Jeff Eats isn’t talking out of his hat here…I know of ticket transactions as described above–for the recent The Rascals, Hall & Oates, Bill Cosby, Crosby, Stills & Nash concerts, just to name but a few.

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  1. CB says...

    You are so right on this one.
    I am one of those “good” players that you mention.
    Literally every week I am offered free tickets at both the HR and the Coconut Creek casinos.
    You can’t get the tkts until 3pm the day of the show and you pick them up at the player’s card desk. I have to be there with my license.
    I am 27 years old and couldn’t give a damn about these oldies acts they get but my parents love the oldies so I give them my tkts.
    I have friends who just sell their tkts to people outside who figured out what you just told your readers,

  2. Mike G says...

    Definitely a great column. your idea never really entered my mind, but I have friends who are offered tkts all the time and never even bother to use them. You are right, they could get them and then sell them.
    The question are the seats that are given away any good?

    • The People says...

      I get free tickets all the time.
      Most of the time they are really good seats.
      All depends on the event.
      Most of the time the events aren’t sold out so they have loads of good seats left.
      The Casino plans to get gamblers to the casino so they make sure the seats are good. They don’t want to piss the customers off.

    • HosierySalesman says...

      I have been going to HR for years.
      I’m on that 2 FREE TICKETS MAILING.
      I LOVE IT.
      COULDNT MAKE THE RASCALS so I gave them to my aunt & uncle.

      • RonY says...

        I bought 4 for Sunday’s Rascal show from a guy right outside of bx office around 4;30pm. Paid him $100 for all 4 . No face listed but there were no tkts cheaper than 25 so i knew i did good.

  3. VD says...

    My wife and I saw Tony Orlando at Pavilion at Coconut Creek over Christmas with free tickets that a friend of mine got in a postcard offer.

    • Donny D says...

      i’ll bet you that at least 1/3-1/2 of the entire audience at coconut creeks and Hr are freebies. the casino just gives those 2 free tkts out like water. how do i know? i get them and i’m a small nobody blackjack player that’s how i know. i also get 30 bucks off this meal coupons all day long. jeff you got a great idea going.

    • ezra says...

      i saw orlando, hall & oates, the rascals, cosby, happy togther tour for nothing. i just put in for 2 tkts for journey.
      they just give these tkts away for nothing.
      i got a friend who gives his tkts to his mom & dad.
      no question i could sell them and take the cash.

  4. Gman349 says...

    They give out tons of tickets.
    You are right you can pickup tickets from players who don’t want them.
    ive done it several times.
    Paid much less than face. Great column.

  5. HGB says...

    jeff, ive been going to hr for shows. always buy tkts on line from tkmaster. i knew about the postcard 2 tkts offerings, but it really never entered my mind that there must be a load of people who get those tkts and then sell them. your story got me thinking on that. tkmaster really eats you alive with those bogus fees. the next time there is a concert i want to see im going to give your idea a good shot and see if i can pick up some cheap tkts. thanks for the idea and i love the blog. very refreshing to have a guy who sees things through the eyes of the everday guy.

  6. MikeThe Gambler says...

    I get those 2 tkts all the time and sell them right in front of the box office about 1hr before the concert. Since I got them for free anything I get for them is gravy. I usually like to net at least 75 for the pair.

  7. Larry A says...

    About 2 years ago I got comped for The Happy Together Concert at Seminole Coconut Creek. Didnt count all the tickets but I seriously doubt that more than 10% of those there paid to get in. The Indians give away tickets like water just to get people to hopefully gamble before and after show.

  8. Team says...

    Ticketmaster is like a robber baron.

  9. Johnny Johnston says...

    Your idea is genius.
    Never even thought about it.
    I figured that there were only pro scalpers out there looking to mark tickets up . Never thought that there would be regular Joes selling tickets that they got for free so face wouldn’t matter.

  10. Shelly K. says...

    Brilliant idea.
    Hadnt even entered my mind.

  11. jeff eats, have to agree with you, the ticketmaster charges makes tickets ridiculously expensive. it’s also very hard to get good sets online as the ticketmaster system is fixed against the online ticket buyer. your idea is really interesting. buying tickets from people who got them for free. no fees no nonsense just a straight deal between a seller who wants cash and a buyer who wants to see a show.

  12. ValianOne says...

    I saw The Rascals a few weeks ago. Looking at those tickets right now, the seat was $84 and the ticketmaster charges/tax $12.60/$4.53 per ticket. When you think about it, that’s absurd adds on to the face.
    Jeff, I’m going to give your idea a try for the upcoming HR show for Journey. I’ll let you and everyone here know how I make out picking uptrying to get tickets from a player who didn’t pay for them.

  13. Tom Y says...

    Ticketmaster is an absurd system.
    I have gone on line right at the moment tickets go on sale only to find the best seats are already GONE. How can that be? Then Ive gone back days later and better tickets than the ones I bought are being offered. Originally they were listed as sold and now they aren’t. The whole system is crooked.

  14. LKI says...

    You have a great idea here.

    • Stedman says...

      Have to agree, this is a brilliant idea, that being buying tickets from players who got them for free and really don’t want to see the show. Only inconvenience is that you have to get to HR around 3pm on the date of the show to find sellers. But then again you probably will save a small fortune on the purchase price.

  15. Sid L. Turner says...

    Being a bargain hunter, I love your idea.

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