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Cao Chocolates (Miami)

Posted on September 25th, 2015 · American Breakfast Desserts Fast Food Miami


***** Cao Chocolates, 9800 Southwest 77th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33156, (305) 879-0281.

Got something real good for you guys…

Cao Chocolates- a “mom & pop” hole in the wall-hand-made chocolate shop that makes off-the chart chocolates in Miami. The joint also “does” coffee/handful of pastries and has a couple of tables.

Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, I’ve never met a chocolate candy bar, chocolate covered raisin, chocolate covered nut, chocolate covered fruit- that I didn’t like…

The way Jeff Eats sees it…whether it be- Nestle’s Crunch Bars, Goobers, Raisinets or Cao Chocolates- it’s all good!



Jeff Eats recently “tried” a whole bunch of Cao Chocolates’-chocolates and I gotta tell you- Cao Chocolates definitely makes delicious chocolates! If you guys ever want to send me a birthday, graduation or any other kind of present- a box of this joint’s stuff-will work just fine! Before I run, does anyone here remember 5-cent Hershey Chocolate Bars (plain or with almonds)? Well just so you guys know, 5 cents will get you absolutely nothing- at Cao Chocolates…but you won’t need a second job either to buy Jeff Eats that present!


You can check Cao Chocolates menu/prices/info at


Cao Chcolates is open daily 10am-7pm.

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  1. ksr says...

    I remember those 5 cents candy bars.
    Those day are long gone.

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