Pope Francis

Posted on September 24th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other

* Pope Francis.

You may agree or disagree with him on abortion, or gay marriage, or on a 1,000 other things…

I’m thinking- this is a good man!


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  1. KLEINMAN says...

    I have been following the tv coverage for the past several days.
    Being Jewish, the Pope has no real standing with me or my family. but I have to agree with you, from what I see, read and hear, he is definitely a good man.

  2. jessejames says...

    The Pope should stay out of American politics. Abortion, immigration, climate let us fight it out. We really don’t need his thoughts.
    I agree with you, that he is definitely a humanitarian. Definitely a good man with a big heart when it comes to the poor and infirmed.

  3. Peter Johnson says...

    I’m in NYC right now.
    The whole City is a gridlock because he’s coming later today.
    Who really needs him?
    We know his game.
    We know that the Vatican is loaded but doesn’t sell off its wealth to feed and clothe the poor.
    He’s a RELIGIOUS LEADER there is separation of church and state here in the USA.
    Enough with the man, send him back to Ithe Vatican.

  4. The POPE is just a man.
    He was elected by a bunch of MEN.
    His opinions are no more important than anyone else’s.
    Nice old man but that’s about it.

  5. Larry Fine says...

    As a Jew the pope has no standing to me.
    That said, Ive been watching him and I agree he’s a good man.

  6. TURNER says...

    Definitely a good man. Good heart.
    Dead wrong on gay marriage, abortion and U.S. Immigration.

  7. Dan F says...

    Time for the Catholic Church to start cashing in all the wealth it has and take care of the poor.
    The Pope is more words than action.
    He’s nothing but a Cardinal elected by other Cardinals. Sort of like our Speaker of the House.
    On tv he seems very btlikeable but people are making way too much about a mere man.
    With all his touching and kissing I didn’t see one person healed. Did you?

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