Mentalist Mike Mooney (Festival Flea Market Mall- Pompano Beach)

Posted on September 23rd, 2015 · Music/Events/Other Pompano Beach

* Mentalist Mike Mooney.

Mentalist Mike Mooney is set to appear at the Festival Flea Market Mall, 2900 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach‎ on Saturday, September 26th from noon-4pm.

Jeff Eats watched some of the guy’s videos- suffice it to say, David Cooperfield he isn’t!

Hey! What the heck!

It’s a free show and while you’re at the Festival- you can pickup a $5 battery for your watch or maybe even get a foot massage!



Festival Flea Market Mall, 2900 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach‎ Florida 33073

5 Comments to “Mentalist Mike Mooney (Festival Flea Market Mall- Pompano Beach)”

  1. Larry Fine says...

    You see the video where the guy got drag by a car and nearly killed because he couldn’t get out of some handcuffs before the car started to move?

    • gary says...

      That car video is great.
      Mooney isn’t too good is he?
      It will be fun to watch him at the Festival because he could screw up at anytime. That’s the fun.

  2. jan R says...

    For free while shopping sounds okay to me. If you had to pay to see him, you’d have to be nuts. He is a good amateur.

  3. The guy isn’t very good.
    Very amateurish in his patter and you can see in the videos that he has to think through everything that he does.
    Some of his moves are telegraphed.
    For free I guess it would be something to stop and watch.

  4. Mindy P says...

    Saw him at the Flea Market and he did a trick where he guessed the amount of money in someone's pocket. Amazing.

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