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A recent e-mail to Jeff Eats.

My husband and I have lived in the ________________ CC for over 30 years.
Never in all that time, did we ever have trouble with our neighbors in our local subdivision.
In the past few years a number of new people have purchased homes and moved in and are now trying to change the way things have been done for over 30 years.
Out of a BOD of 7 they now hold 4 of the seats.
They have absolutely no idea as how things work and want to spend a fortune of money on all kinds of so called improvements that we don’t really need.
Since they have 4 of the 7 they have a pretty good shot of getting their way.
I know that awhile back that you did a story on BODs and HOAs and how they don’t really know what they are doing.
Could you republish that story for me?
I would also like your thoughts on how best to stop these aggressive know nothings.


The “story” you mentioned is reprinted down below.

Jeff Eats ( really isn’t the right place/source-for the advice that you are looking for.

Believe me, I know as to exactly where you are coming from. I’ve heard- your “problem” way too often, as a matter of fact, Jeff Eats has had similar issues with my own-South Florida “community”…

That said, if you really don’t like what the BOD is “cooking up”- I would suggest that you/and your like minded neighbors talk to a real sharp attorney…trust me, there are many monkey wrenches that your BOD may not want to deal with.

Best of luck,

Thanks for reading…

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Jeff Eats has been down here in sunny South Florida for over 22 years…you-know the land of Boards of Directors and Home Owner Associations.

Let me ask you guys something and you be honest…

Hypothetically speaking-If you needed triple heart bypass surgery would you let the Chairman of the Board of IBM who was a graduate of Harvard College, Harvard Law School and the Wharton School of Business with a BA in accounting, JD degree and a Masters & Doctorate in Calculus perform the operation for nothing?

___________(fill in answer).

Then why the hell do you guys entrust the operation of your Country Clubs, Condos, Co-ops, Neighborhoods to some guy or gal who is- some retired NYC school teacher, retired owner of a dry cleaning chain, housewife, retired shoe salesman, president of a men’s clothing chain?

Now no offense intended to you board members…but what do most of you guys know about…construction, bank financing, booking bands, maintenance, home owner rights, contracts, hiring contractors, décor design, landscaping?

______________(fill in answer).

Quick story, in my neighborhood one of the sub-divisions was missing the letter “S” from its entrance-way sign. In the time it took the HOA to get the “S” replaced, GL Homes probably built 5,000 homes in Delray Beach from scratch.

Trust me I know the BOD and HOA game and if you ask me…it’s a real dumb game.

Once again, no insult intended to you board members, but did you ever notice that by in large- the really top-guys in your communities DON’T GET INVOLVED AND AREN’T ON YOUR BOARDS? Wanna know why?-because they don’t want to get involved (especially for no compensation) with a bunch of yentas (Google if necessary) who actually think that they can out negotiate Comcast, and build entrance ways without having formal construction or engineering backgrounds.

I know, I know, that the “rules” say someone has to do it…just ask yourself, what makes you qualified to be that SOMEONE?

Finally, all Jeff Eats knows, is that if you ain’t on a BOARD…your neighbors won’t hate your guts because- 1. you raised the dues, 2. you hired a crap comedian, 3. you fined them for speeding, 4. you fined them for flying a US Flag, 5. you got the Club/Condo/Co-op into a lawsuit, 6. you hired a crooked contractor, 7. the complimentary bagels at the gym suck, 8. you violated Federal law as it pertains to service animals, 9. you ticketed them for parking in the street over night, 10. you signed an absurd lopsided contract with some property management company…

When you lived in that 6 story apartment building on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, you paid your rent and bitched to Leo The Super to make repairs and waited every 3-years for a new paint job. Now that you’ve moved to Sunny South Florida…many of you in essence became the “landlord”-that you grew up hating your whole lives.

Okay, done with that rant…but I will close by telling you. that ANYONE WHO SITS ON A GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE IS A FOOL…and I am dead serious here!

America’s entire justice system is based on fairness to all parties- and there is no way in HELL that neighbors who KNOW each other-can judge each other fairly!…and you can take that to the bank!

As Jeff Eats’ grandmother Grandmother Jeff Eats use to say…”YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” and “CHEAP IS CHEAP

15 Comments to “BOD/HOA”

  1. shelley g says...

    people who sit on these boards are fools.

  2. Anne Calhoun says...

    Years ago, foolishly I sat on my CC’s grievance Committee. I got nothing out of it, except at least a half a dozen people in the CC no longer talk to me. What a dumb move it was for me to get involved. You are right, you can only make enemies.

    You want a Grievance system? Go hire an outside Arbitrator to hear the matters.

  3. Harris S says...

    In my community we have an HOA Board that is as dumb as they come. Anyone with any sense stays away from this crap. Our BOD makes all kinds of dumb rules about parking, garbage, plants and other crap. The BOD is made up some of the biggest failures that LIFE has ever given birth to. Unfortunately we are stuck with these clowns because no real person would ever get involved.

  4. We live in a community that has an HOA.

    When my husband and I lived in LI we owned a house on a block and that was that.

    In the 2years that we have lived in Florida with this HOA I have never seen a big a bunch of assholes in my life.

    One woman walks around the neighborhood like a NAZI stormtrooper and reports everything that she thinks is wrong to the HOA. Garbage cans, flowers, trees you name it and she bitches like a freaking moron.

    They discuss candy in the clubhouse and every other dumb thing known to mankind.

    HOAs are for assholes to belong to.

  5. I live in a neighborhood where most of my neighbors are much brighter than I and my husband are. To make up for our lack of smarts every so often we call the police and make up some stupid claim against one or another of the neighbors. The police come but never do anything to the neighbors. The neighbors are really pissed at us. Do you think that there is anything that they or the HOA can do to us for making police calls when nothing really happened?

    • LODI says...

      Don’t be surprised if one of these days one or more of your neighbors sues your ass off, or beats the living daylight out of you and your husband.

    • Anthony Franza says...

      You sound like a freaking moron.

    • John Gotti III says...

      I would bet that you are a foreigner. Your posts all over the site sound like someone who really has no idea what America is all about. If you called the police on me for no reason, I assure you, that would be the last time that you would ever call anyone. You dumbass.

    • lo lo says...

      You sound like one huge asshole.

    • Arnie Weiss says...

      Lady you need to get some heavy duty psychiatric care in a hurry.

    • Gary Goldberg says...

      You definitely got a screw loose.

    • Stupid Ass Nesbitt:

      You and your husband sound like two loonies. I am sure that your neighbors must really love you. Sad part of your story is maybe one day you will have emergency and your neighbors won’t come to your rescue. I know if you pulled shit like you mentioned on me, I’d let your house burn down with you in before I’d even think of calling the fire department.

  6. Benny T says...

    Anyone who gets involved as an officer of an HOA or BOD is an asshole.
    You don’t get paid.
    You have no idea what you are doing
    You make enemies.
    You make mistakes all the time.

  7. Max D says...

    I live in a Country Club in Boca Raton.
    If you want to see the blind leading the blind you should come and see our BOD. These folks haven’t got a clue on how to build or run anything. It is really pitiful to see all of the errors they make and all of the money they waste. Years ago my wife and I moved into this CC. That was the biggest mistake we ever made in our move from NYC to Florida. If I knew how poorly this BODs function I would never ever had bought where I currently live. Because we have a golf course, it is very hard to sell homes because these golf courses are now white elephants that nobody can get rid of. Be smart and never buy where a BOD or HOA exits, you will be sorry if you do.

  8. Mighty Mouse says...

    Our BOD was caught by several homeowners running a kickback scheme with our landscaping contractor. The contractor got the contract and in return did free services for BOD members. These BODs are made up of losers who have too much time on their hands.

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