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DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 8/30/15- Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria- Delray Beach)


***** DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 8/30/15)

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite menu items…


Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria
14466 Military Trail
Delray Beach
561) 638-6442
Latest Review: 3/3/15

If you wanna eat an absolutely off-the-chart-delicious chicken parmesan sub- then you gotta try Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria.

Rather than spin you a whole new tale, checkout Jeff Eats’ Bambini’s- 3/3/15 “writeup” reprinted down-below…

Trust me on this one, this joint’s stuff is dynamite!


Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria (Delray Beach)
Posted on March 3rd, 2015 · Delray Beach Fast Food Italian Pizza Subs/Salads

***** Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria, 14466 Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484, 561) 638-6442.

This is a real simple tale to tell…

If you want some of the most delicious New York Style pizza, hot/cold subs, stromboli- down here in sunny South Florida…get yourself over to Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria in Delray Beach.

Just so you know, the joint is owned by the same folks that own- The Boys Farmers Market in Delray Beach (see review 10/17/14) …Bambini’s is basically a takeout, but there is limited indoor/outdoor seating.

This past Sunday afternoon, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats had a bunch of friends over to our home in Boca Raton…to feed the hordes of people- we picked up from Bambini’s 2- 20″ cheese pizzas ($14.99 each), 1- 20″ meatball pizza ($16.99), 1-20″ white pizza ($17.99), 3- 10″ chicken parmesan subs ($7.99 each), 3- 10″ eggplant parmesan subs ($7.99 each), 4- 10″ sausage/peppers/onions subs ($7.99 each), 3- pepperoni Stromboli ($9.99 each) and I am telling you EVERYTHING was delicious.

No fooling here, Bambini’s stuff literally blew Jeff Eats, Mrs. Jeff Eats and our friends away.

For what it’s worth-Jeff Eats had been hearing about this joint for months- and this past Sunday was the day “I” decided to give it a shot. The pizza was as close to perfect as can be… thin crispy crust, sweet sauce- the subs’ fillings were dynamite/the semolina seeded bread was terrific, the prices- tons of food for cheap money!

No crapping you guys, I couldn’t have picked a better joint for this particular home-event!

Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria is an absolute must try.

To make sure we are straight on the facts… basically a takeout, limited menu (stromboli, subs, wraps, salads, pizza)- and if you are wondering, the joint “does pizza by the slice.”

Bambini’s is kinda useless, no menu info provided.

Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria is open Monday-Thursday & Saturday 10:30am-9pm, Sunday 10:30am-7pm.

16 Comments to “DISH OF THE WEEK (Sunday- 8/30/15- Bambini’s Garden Pizzeria- Delray Beach)”

  1. Eric A says...

    Had chicken parm sub. Didn’t care for it.

  2. Fred A says...

    Had the chicken parm and loved it. Also had sausage & peppers which was also terrific.

  3. gary says...

    The sausage & peppers sub I had tonight was delicious. Huge sandwich for only $8.99.

  4. Karen S says...

    Tried their Asian wings. Loved them.

  5. Shemp Howard says...

    Pizza and wings are delicious.
    Terrific help behind the counter.

  6. Johnnie G says...

    Based on Jeff Eats my wife and I gave it a try last night. Large pizza and chicken parm hero. HOMERUN!!!!!!!
    Great recommendation.

  7. Junior Leader says...

    Terrific pizza.

  8. Gary Grimes says...

    Just ordered and picked up sausage sub, chicken parm sub, lasagna and Asian chicken wings and everything was delicious.

  9. Cohen says...

    Their food is all good.

  10. Judy Lee says...

    Pizza is fair.

  11. Karen R says...

    Pizza is fair. Same for chicken parm sub.
    Sausage and peppers sub is terrific.

  12. Larry O says...

    Love their pizza.

  13. KLEINMAN says...

    I love their sausage sub. Big enough for 2.

  14. Andy Gold says...

    Delicious eggplant parm sub.

  15. Their baked lasagna is delicious.

  16. Gino Desfano says...

    Love their sausage sub.

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