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Phlorida Pretzel (Boca Raton)

Posted on August 28th, 2015 · American Boca Raton Desserts Fast Food

* Phlorida Pretzel, 168 Northwest 51st Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 910-1846.

To the Owner of Phlorida Pretzel:

Yesterday which was Thursday 8/27/15, Jeff Eats wanted to “try” Phlorida Pretzel- had heard some real nice things about your handmade “philly” pretzels from my friend Steve. I checked your website ( ) and it indicated that your store’s Summer Hours were: Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-3pm. At 4:31pm, from my car- I called your phone number 3x and no-one answered- not even an answering machine! When I got to the store at 4:36pm, your lights were out and your door was locked. By the way, there was no sign on the door/window “Closed For Emergency”- “Closed For Death In The Family”- “Closed To Go To The Gym”- “Closed For Gas Leak”- “Will Be Right Back”…nothing! So much for trying your pretzels!

By the way, if your business is called Phlorida Pretzel why this sign?


Finally, the really sad part of this story- is that I was kinda looking forward to trying your pretzels and then hopefully telling Jeff Eats’ readers this morning- as to how good they were! C’est la vie!

11 Comments to “Phlorida Pretzel (Boca Raton)”

  1. Jeff,
    I get Chinese takeout in that center.
    I have seen that The Pretzel Man sign but have never been in the store. The store has been open from 1/15.
    Between you and me, I can’t figure how the guy stays in business. The center is like Berlin after the war, a total bombed out mess.
    No foot traffic whatsoever.
    I use to be in the men’s retail clothing business. I had a store on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn in the 60s-70s. We never closed before the posted times. Customers have to know that when you say you’re open you are open.
    I wish this guy the best, but I wouldn’t count on him being around for any real length of time.

  2. LODI says...

    There’s a pretzel store in that plaza?

  3. Anthony Franza says...

    What a crap location. I use to get Chinese in there, but it’s such a depressing center than I haven’t been in there in years.

  4. Ray B says...

    No loss.
    Had the regular pretzel and it was nothing special.

  5. April says...

    This place is awesome. Great pretzels and great service. I would highly recommend to my friends. If nobody was there there must have been a good reason.

  6. Anna says...

    I’ve always had the best experience with the customer service and food. The pretzels are on point and have me coming back. The owner is so nice and has been very helpful in helping me decide what to order when I can’t decide! There are so many options and each time I’m recommended to try a new menu item it never fails. They now make pretzel sandwiches! When I found out they served breakfast I immediately threw down my granola and yogurt and ran over to try their egg and cheese pretzel. Spectacular! Exquisite! And don’t forget to try their little pretzel nuggets with mustard and cheese! Definitely will be a returning customer!

    • KLEINMAN says...

      Too bad the joint was closed when Jeff got there.
      You say you’re open to 5 you got to be open to 5.

    • ZED says...

      enjoy whatever.
      this pretzel store absolutely no chance whatsoever of surving in that center.
      the worst location imaginable.
      must be some smart businessman running this place.

  7. Jeanne says...

    The best pretzels ever I travel from Delray to Boca. When I am in Boca to always order my box of pretzels i’ve actually had to call and get a second box because I ate half the box while going to see patients. owner so great he now tapes my box 3 places so I can’t bust into them. Service is always been great… Staff is very friendly

  8. ms says...

    I’ve been here 3 or 4 times and have stopped going there.

    I found the owner(s) just miserable and surly. I called up for light pretzels – a dozen. Get there not light. I ask can be bake fresh – no.

    The pretzels were warm – the nasty ass owner puts them in the bag tight and I end up with soggy pretzels, no salt.


  9. Marsha says...

    Not so good…I go to the compounding pharmacy there for the dog’s medicine and stopped in for a pretzel. Very unimpressive..doughy, flavorless. Even the greasy Auntie Anne’s in the mall is better. Save your gas for somewhere with better food

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