The Heavyweight Factory Presents: World Heavyweight Champions Fight Night (Hard Rock Live- Hollywood)

Posted on August 27th, 2015 · Hollywood Music/Events/Other

* The Heavyweight Factory Presents: World Heavyweight Champions Fight Night.

If you guys can keep a secret,

Jeff Eats is a huge fight fan…literally, over the years I’ve sat ringside at 100s of bouts and attended countless boxing dinners/events.

Give or take a few, active/retired professional boxers are the most pleasant guys in the world. My all-time favorite boxer inside and outside of the ring was Joe Frazier, with Muhammad Ali being a very close second!

Jeff Eats (I’m the white guy), Joe Frazier and some friends at a Black Tie Affair in honor of Mike Tyson’s 91 second knockout of Heavyweight Champ Michael Spinks. If you can keep a secret, that night Joe, Jeff Eats and Arlene Smith & The Chantels did a killer-Mustang Sally- for the crowd!-but keep that to yourself!


This “Heavyweight Fight Night” thing sounds like it could be a lot of fun- that is if you’re “in” the right seat (the former champs are going to be seated at tables on the arena-floor)…just so we are straight with each other, some of the seats- not on the floor seem way overpriced to me…for sure there is a nice fight card- but I’m guessing that your primary goal is to personally meet some if not all of the former champs… bottom-line, if you buy a ticket, make sure that “it” gets you what you want!

For further info-

You can catch tickets at-

One last thing, I’ve known Shannon Briggs for over 25 years. Super pleasant guy, good puncher and Mike Marrone hasn’t got a prayer!


7 Comments to “The Heavyweight Factory Presents: World Heavyweight Champions Fight Night (Hard Rock Live- Hollywood)”

  1. LODI says...

    Most of the non table seats are way too expensive. If you sit in the 200 or 300 sections you won’t come close to being near any celebrity.

  2. Swami Sanderson says...

    They’ll have to give those upper deck tkts away as comps. They really overpriced those tkts.

  3. Anthony Franza says...

    Just looked and tickets upstairs are from $64.85-$168.30. I seriously doubt that if you have those tickets that you wll be allowed to go on the arena floor where the champs are. As Jeff said, nice boxing card but for these ticket prices not nice enough for me.

  4. KLEINMAN says...

    Did you want Frazier to beat Ali in their 3 fights?

    • JeffEats says...


      Good tough question.

      I have always been a Joe Frazier fan. I have always been an Ali fan.

      When they fought, I had mixed emotions. I saw Ali-Frazier I live at the Garden, I saw Ali-Frazier 3 in a movie house. The truth be told, I rooted for Ali in the first fight and Frazier in the other two. The reason why Ali got my “support” for the first fight, was because I felt that his title had unfairly been stolen from him for 3-years because of his draft conviction and hoped that after a 3 year layoff he could really comeback to his former self.

      Thanks for reading…

  5. Tom F says...

    I just got offered 2 comp tkts through a casino mailer.
    Im sure they are crap seats, but they are free.

  6. gary says...

    Briggs koed him in 2

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