Grovetoberfest Miami’s Beer Festival (Peacock Park- Miami/Coconut Grove)

Posted on August 17th, 2015 · American Coconut Grove Miami Music/Events/Other

Grovetoberfest Miami’s Beer Festival, (Peacock Park) 2820 McFarland Road, Miami, Florida 33133, (305) 461-2700.

If you are a beer-drinker- this one is an absolute must!

On Saturday 10/17/15- your ticket gets you- unlimited “samples” of something like 22,000,674 different-beers!

You can catch tickets/info at-

Just a thought, UBER!


Back in 2010, craft beer was just getting noticed in South Florida. But the team at Grovetoberfest was already jumping on the craft beer train. Since that time we have seen the craft scene in Miami explode and our festival has become the largest craft beer festival in all of Florida (by number of people AND number of beers). If you’ve been, don’t miss the tradition. If you’ve never been, well you are missing out on a true experience. A craft beer experience that marries the love of craft beer and an incredible social atmosphere.
Please note that since last year, we have been mandated to cap attendance at the park to 6500 people. So please don’t be left out and get your tickets now. There is absolutely nothing we can do once we hit the 6500 person mark.

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