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SUMMER SERIES: Tribute Bands with THE LONG RUN (Mizner Park Amphitheater- Boca Raton)

Posted on August 14th, 2015 · Boca Raton Chinese Fast Food Japanese Music/Events/Other


* SUMMER SERIES: Tribute Bands with THE LONG RUN.

The City of Boca Raton, keeps the Summer “happening” with a free concert by The Long Run- one of Florida’s best Eagles tribute bands.

Gonna be a huge crowd out there…The Long Run has a huge South Florida following and the weatherlady is saying “no rain” tonight…

If you guys can keep a secret, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are gonna catch a quick bite around 6pm- at “hole in the wall” Kiki’s Asian Bistro (which is a 5- minute walk to the Mizner Park Amphitheater) and then head over to the- show…

Kiki’s Asian Bistro (Boca Raton)

Posted on December 2nd, 2011 · Boca Raton Chinese Japanese
***** Kiki’s Asian Bistro, 71 South Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 338-7888.

Kiki’s Asian Bistro…”takeout/delivery” Chinese/Sushi joint in Boca Raton.

Let me make this one short and simple, this joint’s food is some-of-the-best-around. A recent outing had me “doing” wonton soup, egg rolls, bbq ribs, fried dumplings, general tso’s chicken, pepper steak, shrimp with lobster sauce, sweet & sour pork, roat pork fried rice.

Like I said before, takeout-delivery only-unless 2 small tables and a 3-seat counter are your style! Prices are what you’d expect from a neighborhood “hole in the wall” joint.

You can check men/prices at

If you live or work in Kiki’s neighborhood, you now know about a realy-really good takeout joint.

Kiki’s is open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-10pm and Sunday 5pm-10pm.



SUMMER SERIES: Tribute Bands with THE LONG RUN (Eagles Tribute)
Free music presented by The City of Boca Raton
Friday, August 14th, 2015 7:30PM

Come enjoy this free performance by THE LONG RUN as part of the City’s Summer Series 2015. Blankets and chairs are welcome, chairs will also be available to rent. Please leave all pets, outside food and beverages, and umbrellas at home. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Free overflow parking is always available at city hall and the downtown library, a short walk from the amphitheater.

19 Comments to “SUMMER SERIES: Tribute Bands with THE LONG RUN (Mizner Park Amphitheater- Boca Raton)”

  1. Stu Maris says...

    Packed with people.
    Good tribute band.
    Good weather.
    What’s bad!

  2. Steve W says...

    Had a good time .
    The band is ok but really nothing more than a very good bar band.
    For free I can’t complain.

  3. JWAD says...

    Band was decent.
    Best Eagles tribute band is
    the Alter Eagles out of Tampa.
    They make The Long Run sound like amateurs.

    • Sledge says...

      you are are joking Right????

      • CHUCK KIRKPATRICK says...

        JWAD, you’re obviously a friend of Stan Allen. I’ve never heard the Alter Eagles. Have they played on cruise ships as guest entertainers? Have they played to 20,000 people as festival headliners? Have any of their members ever toured or recorded with famous artists? Where can I see their tour itinerary? Can you help?

  4. Randy Gold says...

    Was there.
    The Long Run was very good.
    After the show my husband and I ate a Dubliner’s which is In Mizner.
    Very nice night.

  5. Dave Allison says...

    My wife and I went to the show. Literally thousands were out there. The weather was good and everyone seemingly had a good time. The band was on for 2.5 hours non stop. The band was very good, definitely not The Eagles but they got the job done. The City of Boca Raton did a great job running this event.

  6. Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

    To “Steve W”: how many bar bands do you know that draw 2000+ people or make $2000+ per performance? “JWad”, I’ve not heard the Alter Eagles other than on bad You-Tube recordings so I can’t judge. But I can tell you that their booking schedule shows no upcoming concerts. The Long Run have at present, 23 future bookings – more than any other Eagles tribute band in the U.S. Dave Allison: no, The Long Run are not the Eagles. They are a tribute band to the Eagles. If they were the Eagles, you’d have paid $150+ to see them. You saw The Long Run for FREE.

    • JWAD says...

      Guys like you make me laugh.

      First of all, the reason why Mizner date drew as you say 2,000+ is because it was a FREE SHOW. Next, the next night the band was at Galuppi’s in Pompano Beach. If they got $800 I’d be shocked. Guaranteed if you took all of their dates in 2014 and 2015 you would find that your $2,000 a gig is way high.
      Sound wise, they are okay but they sound nothing like the legendary band they are paying tribute to. Not even close.

      • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

        Mr. Wad, I can’t tell you what The Long Run makes per appearance, but I suggest you maybe call their agent / manager and ask to hire the band for $800 and see the response you get.

        • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

          And please, let’s hear about some of your credentials…anything to justify your criticizing talent.

      • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

        Just as I thought. No further response from a few know-it-all’s who have nothing better to do than to post unqualified assessments of a tribute band. You’re the ones who sit in the audience, wishing you were up on stage and having that much fun.

      • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

        JWAD, you would happen to be the Alter Eagles’ booking agent, would you? Nice try…..

    • Grayson Roberts says...

      Chuck Kirkpatrick:

      Groups like The Long Run and Turnstiles serve a purpose. That being they play the hits of a legendary artist. Just chatting, neither one of these groups is top shelf. They are decent, but in the scope of the tribute band business they are second rate. No matter what you say or do, there is no way that either group comes even close to replicating the real sound.

      For fre, or in a bar, or some condo they are just fine. To real pros exposed to top tribute acts, they are meh.

      Check this what a great tribute band sounds like.

      • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

        Heard your “Yacht Rock Review”. Missing harmony parts in Bee Gees song..hideously flat singing from the Michael McDonald poseur. Checked their schedule…only 14 future bookings? Listened to their “live” recording of “Peg”. Nice studio recording – not live.

    • Buddy Costello says...

      You sir obviously don’t know what the Egles sound like.
      This band doesn’t even come close to replicating their music.
      For free or in a bar they are just fine, but please stop trying to pass them off as being anything special, because they aren’t.

      • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

        And you sir, cannot even spell. But then, maybe you have some other kind of talent or credentials that qualify you to make any judgement. Please, elaborate.

        • Buddy Costello says...

          Boy oh boy you sure are worried about some Tribute band. Maybe you have some connection to the lads.
          They are ok, nothing great, ok.
          Take care.

          • Chuck Kirkpatrick says...

            Buddy, I’m not worried one bit. And yes, I do have a connection….I’m in the group. And I take criticism of my fellow bandmembers very seriously. We have spent years on this project, and the hard work has paid off. We are booked into 2017 and have a solid following of fans. Again I ask, what credentials can you offer to back your statements? What other Eagles tribute bands have you heard? I’m a professional musician and have made a living doing what I love for over 50 years. Can you say the same?

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