An Intimate Evening With Music Series (The Plaza Ballroom & Event Centre- North Palm Beach)

Posted on July 27th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other North Palm Beach


* An intimate Evening With Music Series.

I got something so good for you guys that it’s actually scary…An Intimate Evening With Music Series- at The Plaza Ballroom & Event Centre.

Real simple, 400 seat venue- that is booking in some of the most-legendary Rock N Roll groups of all time. Seats are dirt cheap, the sound and light systems are incredible and every and I do mean every seat in the house is dynamite. Guys!- If you check Jeff Eats’- 11/15/14- Routing Of Acts “story”- you’ll have some-idea as to how The Plaza Ballroom can “afford” such-great acts and why the concerts are on Thursday nights.

Trust Jeff Eats when I tell you, The Plaza Ballroom & Event Centre (111 US Highway One, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408, (561) 842-0111) literally just got into the “concert” business…as a matter of fact, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were there last week- for its inaugural “concert”- which featured- Firefall- and I am telling you, it was an absolutely amazing-show!

VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS NEW CONCERT VENUE. Rest assured, guaranteed, the “secret” is gonna get out- but in the meantime…

Little River Band and Jefferson Starship are the next two scheduled shows.

Like I said 2-seconds ago, every seat is good…there is table and row seating- and a bar area/with some finger-food (if you’re hungry).

Jeff Eats is no-shill for The Plaza Ballroom- all I can tell you, this venue-is producing great concerts!

You can catch tickets at


2 Comments to “An Intimate Evening With Music Series (The Plaza Ballroom & Event Centre- North Palm Beach)”

  1. Gary Goldberg says...

    I was at the Firefall show.
    The band was great.
    Can’t believe that a small room like this one had such great sound and light systems.
    You are so right that the Ballroom is a great Pace to see a concert and that every seat works just fine.
    Can’t make LRB, but I am definitely planning on seeing Starship.

  2. Young Court says...

    What a hidden gem.
    Saw Firefall and it was atop notch concert.
    Terrific venue.

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