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Johnny’s Subs (West Palm Beach)

***** Johnny’s Subs, 4634 Forest Hill Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33415, (561) 642-6663.

Got a real good one for you guys…Johnny Subs in West Palm Beach.

Now you guys and Jeff Eats know that there are more sub-joints in South Florida than there are Chins in a Chinese phonebook…that said, the trick is finding the really good ones.

With the above in mind, Jeff Eats recently “tried” Johnny’s Subs and the joint’s stuff was absolute dynamite. Just so you don’t think that Jeff Eats is a huge pig or something- Jeff Eats’ party of four (4) ordered- 12″ Cuban sub ($7.49), 12″ chicken parmigiana sub ($7.49), 12″ tuna sub ($7.99), 12″ roast beef sub ($7.99), 12″ turkey breast sub ($7.49) and I gotta tell you- that every sandwich was delicious. If I had to do a pecking order- that Cuban sub was as Jimmy Walker use to say- DYNOMITE!! No fooling here, one of the best Cuban subs I’ve had down her in sunny South Florida. Now, please don’t get me wrong, the other subs were all-delicious, but that Cuban sub- off the chart! By the way, two of my buddies agreed on the Cuban sub call- but our buddy Mike, thought that the chicken parmigiana sub was the best- but between you and me, Mike also thinks that Trump is gonna get the Republican nomination for President- so we know how smart Mike is!

You guys now know where you can get killer-subs for cheap money!

Johnny’s Subs is open Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 9am-5pm.

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