Deal Or No Deal On Iran?

Posted on July 12th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other

* Deal Or No Deal On Iran?

Maybe Jeff Eats is crazy, but I don’t see a representative from The State of Israel sitting at that table…do you?

Obama and Kerry obviously don’t know how to play cards…you need a full deck before you can deal!

No full deck, no game…


10 Comments to “Deal Or No Deal On Iran?”

  1. Gary Goldberg says...

    Kerry and Obama two fools.

    Iran is a terrorist state.

    Like I said, fools!

  2. TURNER says...

    Congress is smarter than Obama is.
    Many of his Democrat senators and congressmen won’t go along with a deal even if he comes up with one.

    Furthermore if for some reason a deal happens Israel will blow Iran’s sites off the face if the earth.

  3. Can’t play without 52 cards.
    Kerry and Obama are making a big mistake.
    If there is a deal and Congress caves, there will be an Israel attack.

  4. Shelly says...

    So all my lantzmen who voted for Obumma, are you going to double down and vote for Hillary or are you going to stand up against the Demo-Communist Party?

  5. FOGMAN JONES says...

    Obama should be impeached.
    What a fool.

  6. Shelly says...

    The only way to stop this treaty is thru Congress. You know Rubio will vote no. E-mail Bill Nelson now and ask him to vote no , then do the same with your Congressman or woman.

  7. COCO MIDLER says...

    I think that only thing they haven’t yet agreed upon is the day and time that Israel blows up all of Iran’s reactors.

  8. Henry S says...

    Congress won’t let it happen.
    Obama’s own party will say No!

  9. Shelly says...

    I hope you democrats took the time to contact your representatives, because the Democratic party today is not the same party that you are remembering. it has been captured by the hard left wing. Left to their own without hearing from you they will follow obumma like lemmings. The party is so left it makes Joe Stalin look like Ronald Reagan.

  10. Nick Carter says...

    Time for Israel to just wipe Iran out and be done with these Islamic Terrorists.

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