The Super Stars Band & Mizner Country Club (Delray Beach)

* The Super Stars Band & Mizner Country Club.

Real simple “tale” to tell…

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were the guests of the Mizner Country Club (Delray Beach) at a 140 member-party…

The Friday night event included a top-shelf-open bar cocktail hour, a dinner buffet loaded with “tons” of delicious food…stylish- but not ridiculously over the top table/room decorations…tremendous-competent wait-staff.

Mizner’s “Social Director” booked one of Tampa’s hottest and in-demand bands, the 8-piece The Super Stars Band, who blew the crowd away with terrific covers of 40’s-to-today’ hits!


For you “historians” out there, The Super Stars Band is fronted by Ronnie Dee, the eldest son of the legendary Joe Dee of Joey Dee & The Starliters’ fame. To add to the story, the band also includes two of Joey’s daughters, one of Joey’s grandsons and one of Joey’s nephews…nothing like keeping the business in the family! When Joey Dee tours, The Super Stars Band- takes the name The Starliters for the tour!



Jeff Eats is no shill for the Mizner Country Club nor for that matter The Super Stars Band. What I do know is when I’ve had a great time…I also know when a Country Club’s management team does a great job…just for starters. “booking” a Tampa based band- to play a Country Club in Delray Beach- tells me, that someone at Mizner wants -members to have fresh and new entertainment!

To wrap this one up, if you guys are looking for a band- that absolutely kills- and one- that your friends have probably never seen…get The Super Stars Band, they really are that good!

You can checkout The SuperStars at

If you are looking for a Country Club that has its catering/entertainment act together…checkout- Mizner Country Club at, the party was really that good!


4 Comments to “The Super Stars Band & Mizner Country Club (Delray Beach)”

  1. ZuluJim says...

    I live in the Mizner CC.
    Our staff goes all out finding entertainment that isn’t just a retread of circuit acts.

  2. So glad you were able to join us and had a great time. Thank you to the Super Stars Band for keeping us rockin’ all night long!

  3. Ned A says...

    Loved the band.
    Great party.

  4. MiznerResident says...

    I live in Mizner CC.

    Mizner CC has one of the best entertainment/event schedules in the area. Seemingly there is always a new band, comedian, or food event going on.

    Our GM and his staff are doing a great job.

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