Joey Dale’s Birthday Bash (Pavilion Grille- Boca Raton)

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 · American Boca Raton Music/Events/Other

* Joey Dale’s Birthday Bash.

First told you guys about this “one” on June 19, 2015- that story is reprinted down below.

Just wanted to mention that since that story first appeared, 23 of you guys wrote Jeff Eats advising that you had made reservations…I’m flattered that 8 of you actually wanted to sit with me and Mrs. Jeff Eats. For what it’s worth, I’ll be at a 10-top table with 4 other couples, but if you are really into the “stuff” I opine on, not a disgruntled restaurant owner or a terrorist- Please Make It Your Business to stop-by and say hello, etc.

Let me wrap this up, I’m kinda thinking that this Joey Dale Birthday Bash “deal” is gonna be a real fun night…



Joey Dale’s Birthday Bash (Pavilion Grille- Boca Raton)
Posted on June 19th, 2015 · American Boca Raton Music/Events/Other
* Joey Dale’s Birthday Bash.
Real simple story here…

Joey Dale fronts one of South Florida’s premier Doo Wop Groups–Joey Dale & The Gigolos.

For the past several years, Joey has been throwing himself phony baloney birthday parties- where he invites all kinds of local-music talent to attend. Some come and some don’t come! He also invites some “national” talent and like the local-guys- some show and some don’t show!

You gotta pay a few bucks- to go to the party (Hey! Jeff Eats already told you it was a phony baloney party, didn’t I?) and assuming you like Doo Wop, Oldies music- you will have an absolute blast partying with whoever-shows up!

The one “sure thing” at Joey Dale’s Birthday Bashes is that… Joey Dale & The Gigolos will perform…that alone is worth the price of admission!

This year Joey’s phony baloney birthday party is at the Pavilion Grille, 301 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 912-0000.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats are going!

14 Comments to “Joey Dale’s Birthday Bash (Pavilion Grille- Boca Raton)”

  1. Linda W says...

    I, my husband and another couple are going.
    Joey puts on a great show, the Pavilion’s food is delicious -and with Larry Chance and Chubby Tavares set to entertain what could be bad.

  2. LODI says...

    One of your favorite bands Viva is going to be at Pavilion on 7/11. Should be a fun night.

  3. Liz Stark Perez says...

    We are delighted that you will be coming for Dinner for Joey’s Party. Joey plays every Friday and often has guest singers stop by and sing with him.

    We are currently sold out on Dinner Tables but there will be space around the Bar and extra group tables set up so that people can have somewhere to sit.

    We charge a $10 cover charge but that includes a House Drink. If you spend $20 or more on Food than you can turn in your drink ticket for a $5 credit.

    If you haven’t had dinner with us before I recommend our Crab Bisque, Sonoma Salad, Crab Cakes, Chicken Marsala, Salmon and Steaks as well as our Burgers!

    While our desserts are amazing, there will be Birthday Cake Sunday for Everyone!

  4. Jeff G says...

    My wife and I are going.
    You maybe onto something here.
    We have never been to the Pavilion so this will be a first seeing Joey Dale perform and eating there.
    We will definitely stop by your table to say hi.

  5. Lou W says...

    Went and it was terrific. Good food. Super reasonable prices. Non stop terrific music for 4 hours.

  6. LarryFine says...

    What a great party.
    My favorite was The Mystics singing Hushabye.

  7. Anthony Franza says...

    Great party.
    What a fun time.
    Haven’t had this much fun in years.

  8. KLEINMAN says...

    Nice meeting you and Mrs. Eats last night.
    My husband and I had a tremendous time.
    We really couldn’t believe all of the great singers that showed up.
    Everybody on that stage was terrific.
    The food was good and the service was perfect.
    You couldn’t have asked for a better time.
    Thanks again for bringing this event to our attention.

    • JeffEats says...


      It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband.

      The “party” was terrific.

      There really isn’t too much to say other than Joey Dale had some great birthday party!!

      Thanks for reading…

  9. Gary Goldberg says...

    My wife and I were there from 6-10 pm. It was a terrific event. The music was non stop and had both local, national and celebrity performers.
    The food was okay but nothing out of the ordinary. My wife had the salmon and I had a burger.
    The service was excellent. Never even once did we have to look for someone to fill our glasses.
    The place is great looking. But the sound could be much better.
    All in all, the event was terrific with the steady entertainment being the primary reason for this top review.

  10. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Loved The Mystics singing Hushabye.

  11. One of the best events I have been to in a very long time. Great music and crowd. Food was good as was the service. For 2 people the whole night cost us $76. Joey Dale really put on a tremendous night.

  12. TURNER says...

    Had a terrific time.
    Joey Dale did right.
    can’t wait till next year’s birthday.

  13. Dottie G says...

    Had an absolute blast.

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