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Posted on June 28th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other


* The Acchords.

A recent e-mail Jeff Eats received.


Planning a 75th birthday party for my husband at our country club in Boca Raton for February, 2016.

We have seen most of the doo wop groups as well as oldies bands in south Florida.

Can you give us the name of a really special group that isn’t one of the south Florida regulars?

We have no problem with a group from out of state.

The way we figure it, you only hit 75 once, so a few extra bucks spent here and there is of no consequence.

Thank you,

Linda Hammerman

Linda Hammerman:

Jeff Eats recently caught Long Island based- The Acchords at Madison’s Steak House, 670 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, New York 11788, (631) 231-6909 and I gotta tell you, definitely one of the best oldies groups that I’ve seen in a very-very long time. The group ‘s 50’s-60’s-70’s track show featured fabulous leads and tight harmonies on the hits of groups -such as The Four Seasons, The Duprees, The Jive Five, The Righteous Brothers, The Dubs, The Earls, The Skyliners and The Drifters.

I’m thinking, that The Acchords (who normally don’t play South Florida) would be absolutely perfect for you guys. I’m also thinking that this group would be a homerun- for a ton of restaurants, festivals, country clubs, events down here in South Florida…so all you social directors and booking agents- checkout The Acchords at

Hope this helps you out and wish your husband a happy birthday from Jeff Eats!

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  1. ksr says...

    Just went to these guys website and watched and listened to them and they are terrific. I also watched them on You Tube. Too bad they aren’t local as they are as good if not better than most of the groups down here.

  2. SidRidesABike says...

    Watched their site and videos and You Tube and I can’t name a group here in Florida that’s better. These guys would kill it here. There is a huge demand for thus kind of music in Florida and some booking agent should find dates for them.
    Loved their version of What Time Is It.

  3. Jerry Horowitz says...

    We got to get these guys down here.
    They are absolutely dead on vocally.
    Loved them.

    • Tommy McManus says...

      Hi Jerry: Just give me a call and I will most certainly return your call. I can be reached at 516-314-7637

      Best regards:
      Tommy McManus

  4. Tony T says...

    The Acchords are fabulous.
    I’ve seen them live several times and they put on a great show.
    I’d love to see them with a live band backing them. I think they would be awesome.

  5. Jeff,
    Loved their website.
    These guys are terrific.
    One big problem, I called the 2 phone numbers on their site and left messages and some 24 hours later no one has called me back.
    I live in Boca Raton in the winter and in the summer I’m out here in Atlantic Beach.
    I’d love to go see them locally here in NY and I would also like to book them for a party at my Atlantic Beach home.
    Let’s see if anyone returns my call.

    • Tommy McManus says...

      Dear Ronnie: I am sorry that you experienced trouble contacting the Acchords. You can call me direct and I will most certainly return your call. I can be reached at 516-314-7637

      Best regards:
      Tommy McManus

  6. Bobby R says...


    The group is tremendous. The restaurant is a crap hole.

  7. Young Court says...

    Hope the folks realize how good these guys are.

    Nothing even close to them in our south Florida area.

  8. Anthony Franza says...

    WowWowWow these guys are terrific.
    Must get them to fFlorida.

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