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Posted on June 26th, 2015 · French Italian North Palm Beach


***** Nonna Maria, 529 Northlake Boulevard, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408, (561) 863-6584.

Nonna Maria describes itself as…

“Nonna Maria is your neighborhood Italian restaurant with a French twist. This cozy and intimate restaurant has been lovingly serving good food in the Palm Beach area since 1981.
We strive to bring you classic French and Italian dishes using only the freshest local ingredients. Everything here is homemade- from the marinara sauce to the French baguettes. Our affordable prix-fixe menu offers you three courses to choose from- crisp salads, pan seared snapper, braised short ribs, homemade sorbets and pastry for dessert.”

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats recently did dinner and I gotta tell you, Nonna Maria absolutely blew us away…The food and service were dynamite!

On the menu-front, Nonna Maria in addition to an a la carte menu- has a ​Prix-Fixe Menu $32.95​. Just between you and Jeff Eats- my “trained eye” told me that on the night that Jeff Eats was there, every person give or take 1-or 2-or 3-maybe 4, had the Prix-Fixe-deal. Based on the selection/quality/portion size/prices- the Prix Fixe Menu (which is served all of the time)- is definitely a “good” way to go at Nonna Maria. The Prix-Fixe Menu is printed down below. You can check the regular menu/prices at
Prix-Fixe-Menu $32.95
Choose one appetizer, one entrée & one dessert​
Served every night, all night!​
* PF + (additional charge for menu item)​



FRENCH ONION SOUP made w/ chicken stock PF+2
CAESAR SALAD anchovies & garlic croutons
HOUSE SALAD artesian greens, romaine, cherry tomato, olive & onion
BLEU CHEESE SALAD artesian greens, romaine, tomato, olive & onion

ENDIVE & GOAT CHEESE w/ apples, walnuts & radish
BEET, TOMATO & FETA w/ balsamic reduction

ESCARGOT garlic, shallots, parsley & Pernod butter
BROCCOLI RABE w/ garlic & oil
Pasta and Baked Entrees
GNOCCHI a la NONNA brown butter sage sauce w/ parmesan cheese
CHEESE RAVIOLI a la VODKA or Marinara sauce
EGGPLANT PARMESAN vegetarian dish w/ one side dish
PASTA PRIMAVERA vegetarian dish w/ whole wheat penne, garlic & oil
RIGATONI CARBONARA cream & cheese sauce with peas & bacon
LINGUINI BOLOGNESE beef, veal & red sauce (with or without cream)
Seafood Entrees

YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER FRANCAISE over fresh steamed spinach *PF+4
GRILLED SCOTTISH SALMON w/dill, yogurt & cucumber sauce w/one side dish
SCOTTISH SALMON PICCATA w/ one side dish ​
Poultry, Beef or Veal Entrees
MARSALA: marsala wine, mushroom & shallot sauce w/ one side
FRANCAISE: light egg batter w/ lemon butter wine sauce w/ one side
PARMESAN: breaded, topped w/ marinara & mozzarella w/ one side
PICCATA: lemon , butter ,caper sauce, artichokes & mushroom w/ one side

MILANESE: breaded, topped w/ arugula, tomato, onion & balsamic w/ one side

SALTIMBOCCA: proscuitto, sage reduction & spicy broccoli rabe * PF+3

CRISPY ROAST DUCK citrus sauce, broccoli & Crimini mushrooms * PF+4

BRAISED SHORT RIBS of BEEF over risotto w/Chianti reduction
Side Dishes with Prix-Fixe Menu​
vegetable du jour, pomme frite, linguini marinara or whole wheat penne marinara
aioli pasta +2.5, angel hair +2.5, spinach garlic & oil +2.5,
linguini bolognese +6.95, broccoli rabe garlic & oil +6.95 ​

Crème Brulèe
Dame Blanche vanilla ice cream w/ hot chocolate sauce
Nonna Maria Ricotta Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cake & Citrus Sauce
Profiterole ice cream filled puff w/ hot chocolate sauce
Split Banana Split vanilla & chocolate ice cream/choc. sauce & whipped cream
Vacherin Glacè meringue, vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit & whipped cream
Cafè Liegèois coffee ice cream, espresso & whipped cream

Cappuccino $4.5 – Espresso $4 – Coffee $2.9 – Tea $2.9

Prix- Fixe Menu may not be shared​

Anyway, long story short…

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats on the Prix-Fixe Menu ordered up…house salad, baked cheese manicotti, veal parmesan, roast duck, crème brulee, ricotta cheese cake and like I said 3.4 seconds ago, everything was dynamite.

Nonna Maria is an absolute must try.

Nonna Maria is open Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday 5pm – 9pm, Friday-Saturday 5pm – 9:30pm, closed on Monday.

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