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The Habit Burger Grill (Delray Beach)

Posted on June 24th, 2015 · American Delray Beach Fast Food


***** The Habit Burger Grill, 18315 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach 33483, (561) 265-0934.

Last night Jeff Eats “attended” a “media-event” at The Habit Burger Grill which is set to open this morning at 10:30am…suffice it to say, I literally got to try everything-on this fast food joint’s menu and I gotta tell you that the food absolutely killed!

No ifs, ands, or buts- home-run!

The Habit Burger Grill is an absolute must try…trust Jeff Eats, if you like burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes- you are gonna LOVE this joint!

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20 Comments to “The Habit Burger Grill (Delray Beach)”

  1. ksr says...

    I went to an event there about a week ago and have to agree with you that the food is delicious. One comment, I thought that its ff and sweet potato fries although good were far from being top notch.
    The menu has salads etc so everyone is going to be happy eating there.

  2. Al Cohen says...

    I was there last night for VIP party.
    Definitely right up there with the best fast food burger places in south Florida.

    • Donald Mouse says...

      I am very familiar with Habit having lived in various parts of California for over 30 years.

      Habit as you Floridians will soon learn is the best fast food burger chain going.

      It has a great menu.

      It has tremendous food.

      It has super reasonable prices.

      It has great looking stores and very competent employees.

  3. Shelly says...

    Its hard to read the upside down menus. Do they provide right side up menus for those of us that can’t stand on our heads?

  4. SidRidesABike says...

    Just ate lunch there.
    Great call jeff.
    Double cheeseburger with ff was delicious.
    I’ll be back.

  5. TURNER says...

    Ate there this pm.
    Double cheeseburger was delicious.
    Can’t say the same for ff or chocolate shake which was way too sweet.
    Loved the tempura green beans.

  6. BWE says...


    Burger I had was very good.
    FF meh!
    Vanilla shake meh!

  7. Gary Ford says...

    FF not the best, very good onion rings, excellent cheeseburger.

  8. Anne Z says...

    Didn’t know about this one till I read about it here.
    Thank you.
    Went to day and loved it.
    Best cheeseburger, onion rings in the area. French fries good but not in 5guys’ league.
    Definitely will be a steady customer

  9. Louie C says...

    Burgers, shakes, salads all good.
    French fries, not the best. Obviously a frozen product.

  10. Sandy Fabiano says...

    Ate there yesterday on your recommendation.
    The cheeseburger, ff, chocolate shake were terrific.
    Good find.

  11. Eddie P says...

    My wife and I ate there last night.
    She enjoyed her grilled chicken salad.
    I thought that both my double cheeseburger and onion rings were ok but we’re a drop on the salty side.
    Nice looking and helpful staff but I doubt that Ill be heading back there real soon.

  12. Lee Sorkin says...

    Just ok.
    I agree with other poster food is salty.
    If this is their game, 5 Guys is better.

  13. Jeff,
    My 15 year old daughter and I recently heard about your blog and have been trying out some of your picks.
    Last night we tried Habit Burger and we both loved it. I had a double cheeseburger with ff and she had a grilled chicken salad. I had a vanilla shake and she had a chocolate shake. The food was delicious. The service was also very good with a lovely behind the counter crew as well as an employee walking around checking on tables.

    Just wanted you to know that you picked a real winner here.

    For the record we have also tried your Chris’, Charm City, Tom Sawyer and Tucci’s picks and they were also excellent.

  14. A second location recently opened:

    9971 West Flagler St.
    Miami, FL 33174

    (305) 229-0915
    Mon-Thurs: 10:30am-10pm
    Fri-Sat: 10:30am-11pm
    Sun: 10:30am-10pm

  15. Midwood Guy says...

    Love their onion rings.
    Best fast food burgers in S Fl.

  16. Kit Karson says...

    Just tried this chain eating in Boca store and the double cheese burger, ff, onion rings and strawberry shake I had were excellent.

    • Arthur W says...

      Did the same this afternoon in Boca location.
      Loved the food.

  17. Joe Gold says...

    Their double cheeseburger is delicious.

  18. Allan Greer says...

    Delicious burgers.

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