Brian Wilson

Posted on June 20th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other

* Brian Wilson.

“Brian Wilson is The Beach Boys, we are just his messengers.” Dennie Wilson


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  1. gary says...

    Wilson, Orbison, Robinson.
    The greatest in PopRock History.

  2. Harold K says...

    I’m 67. My father once said to me, “How come you can memorize the words to every Beach Boys’ song but can’t memorize your history homework?”

  3. Sidney L Turner says...

    Definitely in the league of Lennon and McCartney.

  4. CollegeKid1981 says...

    A living legend.

  5. HerbK says...

    If you love the Beach Boys you have to check out The Fendertones on Youtube. I normally don’t like tribute bands, even the ones Jeff likes, because the lead singers aren’t good enough. This is different, IMHO.

    • JeffEats says...


      Nice, real nice.

      The problem with The Fendertones is that the group needs literally like 50 people to create the sound of what was a 5 piece Band.

      Now go and check Phil Dirt & The Dozers in its Surf’s Up Show and you’ll see/hear what a really good tribute band is all about. It’s like The Beach Boys are right in front of you.

      Thanks for reading…

      • ksr says...


        No question in my mind that Phil Dirt sounds and looks like real deal while your group is like big Broaday production show.

      • HerbK says...


        Heroes and Villains was never made to be played by a 5 piece band, There’s no way you could come close to duplicating Brian Wilson’s arrangement with a regular rock band

        The Fendertones use a lot of voices to duplicate the sound of the Beach Boys records but the finished product is worth the effort. Except for their early records the Beach Boys records were made with lots of overdubbing, backed by The Wrecking Crew, not a five piece band.

        Even live the Fendertones try to sound like Brain Wilson wanted his songs to sound I don’t think the Beach Boys ever sounded that good in concert and I’ve seen him

        I tried to catch the Surf’s Up Show to check out Phil Dirt but it requires the installation of Quicktime, which I can’t do because it would conflict with some of the tools I use in my marketing business

        • LODI says...

          Try and catch Phil Dirt. You’d swear its The Beach Boys. I’ve seen Dirt 4 times and they are incredible. Your band ain’t the read deal. Too many musicians.

  6. LODI says...

    Herb’s pick is very good your pick is sensational. You’d swear your guys are the real band while Herb’s are a load of musicians trying to sound like a record. Your guys got passion.

  7. BWE says...

    Just saw The Beach Boys’ movie.
    Go see it, it will give you great insight into this group and Wilson.

  8. BWE says...

    Listened to both groups. I like Phil Dirt better, They are like the real Beach Boys.

    • I did too.
      Both bands are excellent.
      Phil Dirt is more like the originals.

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