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Posted on June 9th, 2015 · Deals Hollywood Hotels/Motels/Resorts


***** Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Real simple story here…

Last week Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats were “comped” a night in a mini-suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Holywood. Just so you know, the “comp” was based solely on CASINO PLAY and not because I am Jeff Eats of

Long story short, even though this hotel is literally in most of “our” backyards- you might want to consider spending a night or two or three…the rooms are gorgeous, the hotel service terrific…the pool area absolute dynamite, free parking and there are enough restaurants, stores and entertainment in the complex- so everyone will find what to do!-and there is also a casino, if that’s your game!

To wrap it up, one day away from Boca Raton- and it was like being away for a week…think about it!

Printed down below is an e-mail advertisement Jeff Eats just received. If interested in checking “this” out- If this “deal” doesn’t work for you, the bet here (pun intended) is that the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will have one that will work!


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  1. Bob Stevenson says...

    My wife and I play often at both HR in Hollywood and Coconut Creek. We get offered 4 seats (2 each) to every show at the HR as well as Coconut Creek. Frequently we are offered 2 for my wife and 3 for me nights at the HR Monday-Thursday. Over the past year we have used the hotel offers twice for a total of 4 days and I have to agree with you that the hotel rooms are great and the pool area is terrific. It’s like a mini vacation and we live in Coral Springs. You have a great idea here. It’s just a nice break from the every day. Good recommendation for your readers.

  2. John Gleason says...

    I have stayed at the hotel several times. The pool is terrific. I live in West Palm Beach and use the hotel for a day or two off from business. Close by and its got everything. The great thing about it you never have to leave the property. Catch a good room rate and just go.

  3. My wife and I stayed there last year after a concert and couldn’t believe how terrific the hotel really was. The room my wife and I had was a standard room but it was absolutely perfect. Clean, modern looking. The pool area is terrific. There really isn’t all that much retail in the complex, but the Blue Diner had a nice breakfast and the casino kept us busy for about an hour until we were tapped out. Very nice hotel to stay at and unlike hotels in Disney and elsewhere free parking. Try HR you will enjoy it.

  4. I get offers from HR to comp me 2 nights a week any Monday-Thursday. I have used the comps 3x and it was a great experience. Now I know that I get the comp because I play but at least I get something. This HR is an excellent hotel. Clean as a whistle. I also get points to use to eat and free show tickets. HR takes good care of decent players. To be honest with you, the HR hotel is so nice I’d even pay to stay there, but don’t you dare tell the Indians.

  5. PC says...

    Great advice. I’ve done this myself. It’s like a mini Vegas vacation without the long red eye flight back.

    • My wife and I have also stayed at HR several times and it was perfect.
      We usually first see a concert.
      Then eat dinner.
      Then gamble.
      And if I’m lucky, she goes to sleep upstairs and I get to gamble some more downstairs.
      Hey , we’ve been married 27 years. 🙁

      • Let me know when your downstairs gambling, Ill keep your wife company. 🙂

  6. Been to HR tons of time and never considered staying over.
    This is a great idea.
    Definitely going to book for sometime during the summer.
    Once again great idea.

  7. You definitely know your stuff.
    A while back you did a column on how to get cheap tickets for HR shows. A few weeks ago, I picked up 2 tickets that had been issued through the Player’s Club right out side of the arena 5 minutes before Midler’s Friday show for 50 bucks. The couple sitting right next to me and my wife had tickets that had a face value of $250 each. You definitely had how to get tickets cheap figured right.
    I like your staying at HR idea. Great idea for a mini vacation for kind of cheap money.

  8. ksr says...

    My daughter recently took me to Hard Rock to celebrate my 65th birthday. Just the two of us., Great room, nice manicure/pedicure, delicious dinner at Council Oak (saw that you didn’t like it, try it again), beautiful day at the pool. Finally, no more overpriced Obama Care premiums, I’m on Medicare.

  9. Lou Furman says...

    Stayed there for 2 days last week.
    Great mini vacation as we live in Delray. Great idea.

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