Couple Gets Married In Garden Section Of Home Depot

Posted on June 8th, 2015 · American Music/Events/Other

* Couple Gets Married In Garden Section Of Home Depot.

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Just curious, was the- hot dog cart guy the caterer?


Couple gets married in garden section of Home Depot

Jun 8th 2015 11:49AM

Couple Gets Married in Garden Section of The Home Depot

Of all the places people choose to tie the knot, one couple in Arizona decided to have their ceremony right where they work — Home Depot.

The ceremony took place in the garden section of the store, so talk about the perfect backdrop. KPHO was there to witness Marty Tetrault and Kelly Olsen’s vows:

“In copper pipes and elbows,” said Marty Tetrault.

“And in lumber and in concrete,” replied Kelly Olsen.

To top it off, the bride’s bouquet was made out of the tools she works with every day.

“She works in the plumbing department. Her bouquet was made of plumbing supplies. That’s one way to save money on your nuptials,” said HLN host Robin Meade.

Marty works in the lumber and building department and says they don’t get to see each other as often as one might think.

“There are a couple departments within the store here that separate us, so we don’t really get to share a lot of time together within the store.”

All of the people in the wedding party were co-workers who the couple considers family.

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  1. Gary Goldberg says...

    This is a great one.

  2. SidRidesABike says...

    Too bad they didn’t work for Costco. They could have had all of those food samples for the guests and those $4.99 chickens and $1.50 hot dogs.

  3. LODI says...

    Burger Beast has great pictures of the food that he eats, but your words are what makes Jeff Eats the must read blog.

  4. Jim Rewlor says...

    Clean up on isle 6… She looks stunning!

  5. Young Court says...

    This one cracked me up.
    Love the hot dog caterer line.

  6. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Excuse me, what’s the best product to get rid of red fire ants that are all over my driveway?

  7. gary says...

    Excuse me, is anyone working in aisle 23 ceramic tiles?

  8. KLEINMAN says...

    Very fancy. What’s a matter they couldn’t get married in the plumbing department aisle 28? Snobs.

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