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Kickin’ It Country Music Festival (Pompano Beach Amphitheater- Pompano Beach)

Posted on June 7th, 2015 · Deals Fast Food Music/Events/Other Pompano Beach

* Kickin’ It Country Music Festival.

Looks to Jeff Eats like a real- cool country music “outing.”

You can catch tickets at By the way, is running a $15 deal on the $30 tickets…

Last but not least… Can someone -anyone -explain to me how this guy Taylor Hicks won American Idol Season 5?


Kickin’ It Country Music Festival
Featuring American Idol winner Taylor Hicks
and tributes to Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, and Kenny Chesney

Saturday, June 27th
4PM | Doors
5PM | Concert
The Grounds at The Amp (Pompano Beach Amphitheater)
Early bird drink special: Arrive before 5pm and get a FREE drink voucher!

Get ready to kick it with us this summer! Headliner Taylor Hicks serenades Pompano with his trademark soulful crooning that won him the American Idol title! Spend the evening with us as we celebrate Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Shania Twain – three dominant forces of country music. World-class musicians pay tribute to these icons with renditions of songs you know by heart. Local artists perform blazin’ original music and classic country hits on the second stage. Plus, plenty of mouthwatering local food to chose from – grab a bite, sit back and enjoy the summer sounds.

$30 | Advance
$40 | Door
$75 | VIP (Includes 2 hour VIP buffet 5:30-7:30pm, special tented viewing area with seating and 2 drink tickets!)
Kids under 12 Free when accompanied by a parent

23 Comments to “Kickin’ It Country Music Festival (Pompano Beach Amphitheater- Pompano Beach)”

  1. Sidney L Turner says...

    Taylor Hicks winning is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind. The man has no talent and his post Idol career was an absolute dud. The other great Idol mysteries is how Adam Lambert didn’t win, same for Clay Akins.

  2. truthman says...

    If you *ever* saw Taylor Hicks in concert, you wouldn’t be ignorantly asking how he won. Sounds like you’re parroting some other clueless blogger that doesn’t know his right hand from his left. You guys are so lucky to get him. Guaranteed great time. Did you know he was listed 4th highest paid Idol on Forbes 2014 list? Just sayin….

    • JeffEats says...


      Jeff Eats never said that Taylor Hicks wasn’t a good performer.

      All I asked- was how did he win?

      McPhee and Daughtry far superior in my book talent-wise. I think that you will find that today both are far more successful than Hicks, with Daughtry only lagging Clarkson and Underwood in contestant record sales.

      Thanks for reading…

      • JoyceEatsBagels says...

        Taylor Hicks is ok at best. There is absolutely positively no way that he was the best singer on Idol.

      • Musicman2 says...

        Perhaps Jeff, you should wait till you see Taylor. Heres the facts. Taylor has not sold as many CDs as some. His first sold well but things happen and he wasn’t given the luxury of a label working for him after that. As a live performer and singer he is much better than either McPhee and Daughtry . As a matter of fact according to Forbes he made more money in 2014 than either Kat or Chris. If you want to know how he won, I would suggest a trip to youtube. Listen to “You are so Beautiful” “Something”. Some of the best performances ever on Idol. Ask yourself , why was he the the only one at that time to ever be asked to do an encore performance on Idol. His energy on “Jailhouse Rock” had the audience going nuts. The fact that his year on Idol had the biggest summer tour where often he was doing almost half of the show due to Kats absence. Had to add shows, everyone I knew was going mostly to see Taylor. As a person, a businessman and a performer he is highly successful. Meet him and see him before you spout off. Like the audience when he performed with Umphrey’s McGee, you will be impressed.

    • Gary Gokdberg says...

      McPhee and Daughtry were far better.
      I like Hicks but based on pure talent there was no way that he should have won.

    • truthman says...

      Well lets put our thinking caps on. It’s pretty simple. Taylor totally demolished the talent that year on Idol and not only did he win with votes that way, he flew past everyone with ease, never appearing in the bottom 3…. ever. It was a no brainer win…. Taylor is and was far and away the best performer that year and that is why he won. Got it?

  3. James Adler says...

    I’ve seen Hicks’ Las Vegas show and he did a good show. Nothing stupendous but rather a nice competent show.

  4. truthman says...

    Ringo is one of my favorite performers and is a music LEGEND. Period. End of story. Case closed.

    BTW, Taylor is a great entertainer to and he’s sure to please at this show.

  5. truthman says...

    Ringo is a fabulous entertainer and is a legend. This is not up for discussion.

    That said, Taylor Hicks is a fabulous entertainer too and will no doubt bring a lot of energy to the show.

  6. Nancy says...

    Not only did Hicks win (during what many feel was the best season of Idol, with the best competition,) but he was never in the bottom three. It’s fine to say, “I would have preferred someone else win.” But to say “how did he win?” is ridiculous. Nobody held a gun to anybody’s head, making them vote for Hicks. He inspired the votes. His post-Idol CDs contained several songs that could have been hits, but he didn’t get promotion or radio airplay, for whatever reason. Daughtry got lots of help and promotion. Kat is a pretty girl who also acts. Still, Hicks earns more than they do. Go see a Taylor Hicks performance. I promise you’ll be impressed. I’ve brought people to Hicks concerts and they walked out saying, “That was the best show I ever saqw.”

  7. WBOB says...

    I’ll be ignoring any comments on Ringo….that’s for another discussion.

    to Sidney, Jeff, Joyce, Gary & ZED:

    there’s this concept of when a competition takes place and the winner
    is determined by the public and their opinion…by this little concept called voting.
    The one who receives the most votes is deemed the winner.

    you may now go back to staring at your phones.

    and thank you to truthman…who “gets it”.

    • Anthony Franza says...


      If it was one man, one vote fine.
      But on IDOL you can vote all you want.
      In theory 1 person could have gotten Hicks to be the winner.

      If you think that Hicks was the best that year, fine! That said, if you do, you don’t know dick about music.

      Hicks actually sucks!

      • Musicman2 says...

        Sorry Anthony, I know considerable about music and Hicks was and is damn good. He has a very good voice, great on the mouth harp, his talent for arranging is great, his music knowledge is extensive. His energy, his ability to connect with an audience are all outstanding. He is an all around very good musician, and since I have followed his career I know that there are many good musicians who agree with that.
        You know it took someone special on Idol to make a person want to bother with voting more than once.

        • Anthony Franza says...


          Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

          You think Hicks is good and I say he sucks.

          That said, how come if he is SO GOOD that they are discounting his tickets for Pompano like crazy and he can’t work huge arenas or rooms? It’s proably because more people think he sucks than think he is good. But that’s just my opinion.

          • truthman says...

            What a juvenile comment that is. I can count on one hand the entertainers who play huge arenas. Which Idol, beside Carrie and Kelly Clarkson can do that? Nobody. None. Nada. Zero. Zip.

            I have no idea how tickets are being sold for Pompano, but they chose Taylor to be the headliner and that’s very cool in my book. The people attending will, without a doubt, have a fabulous time and I’m sure he will be getting paid mightily for his service. lol

        • KLEINMAN says...

          Taylor Hicks having to play small rooms and second rate festivals should tell you that he doesn’t have much of a following. It really is just that simple. His winning Idol 5 was an absolute fluke. In addition if he was any good, his initial record label wouldn’t have dropped him.
          Hicks is fun to watch but he isn’t the big top dog that you paint him to be.

          • musicman2 says...

            One thing is true, Hicks reputation has been damaged by various loons. But he does well, look at the facts. How did he manage to be a top 4 earning idol last year? Why was he NEVER in the bottom 3 while he was on the show. Why was so much fuss made over him while he was on the show? Why on his first tours did people from Japan, Israel, Finland, Indonesia, Italy, and many other places make special trips just to see him? Because he was good, he was different and he still is. His problems with his label had absolutely nothing to do with his talent. That is another story. Far from being a fluke that he won, he won with talent AND with smarts and by consistently week after week, getting the most votes. Always at the top. Most weeks at the very top.
            Hes had many sell outs in the last few years and they weren’t all small rooms. I check out his shows and look for his videos so I am aware of that fact. Wish I could make this show in Florida.
            And now goodbye, I have other things to do.

          • truthman says...

            Why is a fluke? Did he cheat? Did he pay someone off? How is it a fluke that he won by million of votes? \

            It looks like you need to rethink your anger, dude. Get over it. He’s one of the richest and highest paid ex-Idols and winners. And that is the way it is regardless of what you think of the results.

      • truthman says...

        It’s okay if you think he sucks IF you have ever seen him live and in concert. Not sure how you can form such an acerbic reaction to the talent of this man based on nothing more than an image you’ve conjured up in your head. Have you ever seen him?

        Regardless, he won, he deserved it, he’s many million times richer now that he was before and he’s one of the most well known Idol alumni. And that’s the truth.

      • WBOB says...

        sorry little anthony,….been a musician kickin it for 38 years…I know many musicians who would love to have the freedom and control and keep a high percentage of profits like Hicks does……Many out there suffer in their own misery due to being told what to perform and when/where to perform it……you’re out the realm of knowledge on this my small friend.

  8. Young Court says...

    Anthony Franza is right, this is a subjective call.
    Personally I think that Hicks is a good singer/performer. Id enjoy seeing him and as a matter of fact bought 3 ticktes for the show.
    Did he deserve to win Idol, I don’t think so. But he is good, really good.

  9. Stinky Robinson says... just put up an offering that has a whole bunch of tickets COMP all you have to do is pay an $8 service fee.

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