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* Jenner!

I don’t know about you guys- but I got enough of my own problems- and I am way too busy to worry about Caitlyn Jenner…Not for nothing, but If you ask Jeff Eats- I think that Barbara would have been more practical-perhaps saving Bruce a few bucks in the monogram “department”…


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  1. CHARLES says...

    ‘She’s so pretty…she’s so witty…so dumb’
    What a family – Maybe Caitlyn will marry a black guy like the rest of shis family !

  2. gary says...

    Good observation BJ would have eliminated monogram costs.

  3. Simon says...

    And if she does…?

    It would be an improvement over that piece of shit wrapped in skin Kris Kardashian (Jenner)

  4. Gary Goldberg says...

    From being one of the greatest American male icon athletes to this.
    What a pitiful mess

  5. Local Eater says...

    WHY do SO MANY guys named Bruce end up this way? It simply can’t be a coincidence.

  6. Michelle Payer says...

    Long before Caitlyn made her debut, The Betsy-hotel with Unity Coalition created the TRANSART festival as a visionary piece of programming to showcase a community that is often overlooked and give voice to those who want and deserve to be heard. The Transgender community has much to offer, and this will be a diverse week of TransArt talent. As creator Deborah Plutzik-Briggs says, “Understanding and embracing the T in LGBT has always been a goal of ours – goal is to champion people – whoever they are, and advocate for their authenticity.”

    Author and participant ALEX MYERS said this morning: “A lot of attention in the media now is focused on the outside of the transgendered conversation but what TransArt Miami has done is given a way to show another facet of the conversation. Which is to say, it’s not about who we are but what we do.” Myers is the author of the book “Revolutionary” and is a nationally recognized advocate of Transgendered issues. He was the first openly transgendered student at Harvard University.

    (Miami, Florida) – June 5, 2015 — In its continuing mission to operate as a PACE (philanthropy, arts, culture and education) hotel and support marginalized and underserved communities, The Betsy-South Beach presents Miami’s first TRANSART festival in partnership with Unity Coalition/Coalción Unida, TransMiami and the LGBT Center, Miami Beach.

    Showcasing the talent, vision and possibilities within the transgender community, TRANSART brings together a collection of talents, individuals & artistic genres to create awareness, nurture aspiring artists and enlighten the general population about the many layers of the Transgender community for the first time in Miami’s rich cultural history.

    Thoughtful and groundbreaking programming includes:

    THURSDAY, JUNE 11th | Visionary Luncheon with Guest Writer ALEX MYERS, bringing together trans persons who have excelled artistically & professionally…along with media, educational & community leaders, for a candid exchange of how better to celebrate, highlight and integrate Transgender Arts, throughout. By invitation only.

    JUNE 14th – JUNE 30th | The LGBT Center presents a TRANSART Showcase of artists, including Y’SENIA ALMAGUER, SAMANTHA PEREZ KATE WEAKLEY, DEE WIENGARDEN, LUKKAS WOLF. BARRIENTOS COUTURE by Cruz Barrientos. Continuous presentation of the documentary SHUNNED (2014, Janice Villarosa). From being raped, sodomized, and shot at, Transsexuals go through physical and emotional abuse in society. A no holds barred look into the lives of different transsexuals (male to female), in the Philippines. Exhibit is free & open to the public.

    MONDAY, JUNE 15th | B Bar Reception, bringing together a kaleidoscope of talents, including but not limited to 24 light boxes featuring SPOKEN WORD by local writers, poetry readings & a musical performance by ABIGAIL PEREIRA (Telemundo’s Yo Soy El Artista singing competition), unveiling of the #SoFlaTransLivesProject Documentary, followed by light fare & refreshments. Event is free, limited to 80 persons, RSVP required to

    TUESDAY, JUNE 16th A FULL, ENLIGHTENING DAY AT THE BETSY FEATURING: Documentaries, Diversity & Debates at The Betsy-South Beach, A Full Day, $25, limited to 60 persons, RSVP required. Tickets available at

    9- 10 a.m. Reception and Breakfast: A SELF MADE MAN (2013, Lori Petchers). What would you do if your inside did not match your outside? An insightful Panel Discussion with Caridad Moro, Dr. Ken Wilcox, Joe Ippolito. Moderated by Herb Sosa

    GROWING OLD GRACEFULLY – Preview (2014, Joe Ippolito) The Transgender Experience, explores the aging experiences of transgender people. 15, min. Followed by Panel Discussion with Cruz Barrientos, Aryah Lester, Joe Ippolito. Moderated by Herb Sosa

    12:30- 1:30pm Reading & Eating lunch at the Betsy (BLT-Steak), featuring LAUREN FOSTER (Real Housewives of Miami), reading excerpts from Janet Mock’s Memoir – Redefining Realness

    TRANSGENDER PARENTS (2011, Remy Huberdeau) Documentary that reveals the gifts trans people bring to parenting because of, and not in spite of, their gender. 45 min.

    TRANS LIVES MATTER| Justice for ISLAN NETTLES (2013, Seyi Adebanjo) …Because the personal is political, brutal and increasing attacks on Trans Women of Color are outrageous; their victimization causes outrage. 6 min. 3:30-5pm

    TOWN HALL MEETING – Panelists Arianna Lint, Aryah Lester, Lauren Foster & Joe Ippolito, along with reps from AQUA, CareResource, LGBTQ Alliance, SAVE, Survivors Pathway, Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida & others – will lead a discussion on the State of Trans Rights, Perceptions, Pressures, Challenges & were we go from here as a community.

    5pm RECEPTION with light fare & refreshments @ the BETSY South Beach.

    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17th | Youth TRANSART Awareness day will bring Miami-Dade GSA school children, elementary to high school, together, for an up close experience, meeting the artists, and allowing for exchange of ideas, enlightenment and awareness.

    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17th | the Life of the Third Gender | 7pm – 9pm, LGBT Center Internationally, transgender people fighting: for the right to public restrooms, the right to fair treatment and the right to live. Education on a transgender person’s life, struggles and viewpoints can help the general public understand why the fight for equality is far from over. The Life of the Third Gender is a presentation targeting individuals who have always had questions, with no answers. Presented by a Trans woman of color who has seen her share of prejudice, hate and indifference, Ms. Aryah Lester makes herself available to bridge the divide between ignorance and lives saved. RSVP:

    FRIDAY, JUNE 19th | TRANSART Showcase Reception at the LGBT Center, with artists, a musical performance by ABIGAIL PEREIRA (Telemundo’s Yo Soy El Artista singing competition), featuring LAUREN FOSTER (Real Housewives of Miami), reading excerpts from Janet Mock’s Memoir “ Redefining Realness”; complimentary open bar, 6-8pm.

    Miami’s first TransArt festival is designed to grow in scope and programming to be an annual event, and as with all things Betsy, welcome the world to mind-expanding cultural and art gatherings yet to be experienced.

    “The Betsy is proud to present TransArt Miami with Unity Coalition and with other important partners. Our programs are committed to inclusivity – to embracing everyone where they are and letting them know they are welcome at our hotel. More than a year ago we held a round table and invited policymakers from the community to share thoughts as to how to authentically create an initiative that illuminated the “t” in lgbt, and with Herb’s partnership we are MORE THAN proud of what we’ve been able to put together. Believing, as we do, in the power of the arts to bring people together fuels so much of what we do, and (again) inspires us to believe that TransArt will provide a seamless way for South Miami to understand the challenges and realities of transgender life in America in 2015,” said Jonathan Plutzik, Betsy-South Beach owner and creator of PACE (philanthropy, arts, culture, education) business model.

    ARYAH LESTER (UC|CU & TransMiami)
    ARIANNA LINT (SunServe)
    LAUREN FOSTER (Real Housewives of Miami)
    DR. DEBORAH PLUTZIK-BRIGGS (The Betsy-South Beach)
    PABLO CARTAYA (The Betsy-South Beach)
    LORI LYNCH (LGBT Visitor & Community Center)

    About The Betsy
    As Miami’s only Four Star, Four Diamond boutique hotel, The Betsy is a distinguished landmark property on the northern end of colorful Ocean Drive. Believing that public spaces can be more than waiting areas, the transformed boutique hotel has been uniquely recognized by global patrons and media for programs that champion the power of community by cultivating the sights and sounds of art, music and literature. Robust monthly programming in 2015 includes poetry readings, jazz, opera and piano performances, exiled writers in residence, a New York Times best-selling author, literary salons, Writers for Young Readers, April Poetry Month, Global Jazz Party, the Accelerate Literacy Symposium, LGBT programming, the JAHLIT (Jewish American and Holocaust Literature festival), Miami’s first TransArt festival, first A Cappella festival, first IberoAmerican Literary festival and ever-popular Summer Music Festival. Carefully curated programming creates community partnerships, gives a voice and stage for underserved artistic communities and opens the hotel’s doors for all to enjoy. The Betsy is located at 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. For information on these and more events, visit

    About The Unity Coaltion/Colalición Unida:
    Led by Herb Sosa, the Unity Coalition is the first and only organization for the Latino/ Hispanic/LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) community dedicated to advancing equality since 2002. It offers a variety of regularly scheduled workshops, trainings and community building programs throughout the year, as well as customized programs for corporations, community groups and educational institutions. http://www.unitycoa

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